Timothy Morris Begins a New Series "Baby Boomers: What Do You Value?"

Plano, TX (PressExposure) February 01, 2012 -- Timothy Morris, who is a boomer himself, has always taken pride in that distinction. Now that boomers are starting to get older, he feels that it is time for them to once again understand their uniqueness and see that there challenges ahead.

Mr. Morris says, "Boomers are special people. There has never been a generation in America quite like them. They brought us so much change in society, morals, ethics, music, culture and religion that it is difficult to comprehend it all." He added that some have said that the boomer generation is like a pig in a snake. It creates a huge bulge as it moves along the body of the snake because this generation is so much larger than the ones before or after it.

Boomers have witnessed a lot of history in their time. They fought the Vietnam War. They saw on television the deaths of JFK and witnessed the assassination of his killer Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby. They were there when RFK was killed in California and Dr. King was slain in Memphis. They saw the first men land on the moon and the Challenger blow up in the sky over Texas.

"It is my goal that through series of articles," Mr. Morris said, "I want to remind boomers of the values that they have held onto, and in many cases, have passed on to the generations that follow them." "Now that we are older," Morris adds, "10,000 of us are reaching their 65th birthday every day and will for the next 19 years." That's 3,650,000 new Medicare and Social Security recipients each year!

Many boomers are unprepared for the implications of this trend, and it it Mr Morris' hope that he can help to wake up this slumbering giant so that they can take action and be prepared for the days ahead.

He concluded, "There is no reason to leave your future in the hands of others. Stand up and do it yourself!"

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