Tip 1 For Glary Utilities Startup Mangers - Manage Auto-Startup Programs To Speed Up Your PC Booting!

Beijing, China (PressExposure) July 20, 2009 -- Glary Utilities is a freeware to speed up your PC by repairing registry and offering multifunctional optimization tools. Startup Manager, one tool of Glary Utilities, is a nifty assistant to efficiently manage programs that run automatically when Windows starts up. Too many programs loaded during PC booting would delay the startup of windows even further because of the extra system resources required to load the other programs simultaneously. Glary Utilities’ startup manager provides a better way to deal with startup programs by loading them in sequence instead of in jam.

Unlike common startup managers that can usually enable or disable specific program to auto start up, the startup manager of Glary Utilities (latest version http://www.glaryutilities.com/gu.html) makes a considerate improvement in presetting how many seconds a specific program could start up after booting up of the windows. The tip reveals these unique features of startup manager—you are the boss to determine which and when a program could automatically start up.

We will focus on the three key features: 1.Enable or disable a specific program to start up; 2.Delay start up programs with intervals set by users; 3.Provide objective reference to the users on the safety and necessity indexes of a specific program by rating bar.

Four steps to run Startup Manager in Glary Utilities? 1. Run Glary Utilities; 2. Click “Modules”; 3. Select “Optimize and Improve”; 4. Choose “Startup Manager”.

Now let’s show you how to operate and preset Startup Manager? The upper location of the interface lists all the programs which start with PC boot. You can use the checkbox to tick/enable or untick/disable a program. You can delete the specific entry by selecting it, right-click and choose “Delete this Entry”.

We can’t help highlighting the precise delay startup function. Programs can be dragged into the delayed startup location where they will be executed in sequence according to the delay interval preset by the user. The delay interval is set in seconds, the default being 30 seconds and the maximum interval is 180 seconds. You could click the column of “Delay time” to preset the intervals as your like.

Many users of Glary Utilities’ startup manager don’t know the exact function of the rating bar right behind each program. We need to clarify that it is one of the most distinguished features of startup manager that can directly indicate the risks and necessity indexes for each auto-startup program. The rating bar can kill two birds with one stone. Why? First, the longer the green bar is, the safer the program is. Second, the longer the green bar is, the more necessary it is when PC boot. Although specific program is safe, the rating bar might display longer red bar because it is quite unnecessary to start up when widows boot. The judgment of the rating bar derives from thousands of users’ opinions on all kinds of programs. Any user can submit his/her comment by clicking “Comment it” at the bottom of the interface. Of course, engineers of Glary Utilities will verify check thousands of comments carefully. Those meaningful comments would be stored into the database. Any user could review the previous comments of other users on specific program by clicking “More Information”at the bottom of the interface.

This is the tip 1 for Startup Manager , one tool of Glary Utilities. There are a series of tips to come. We wish these tips clarification could provide helpful guidance to millions of our users. We always welcome feedback and contributions from our friendly users. Any user can help to improve Glary Utilities by contacting our support center or even publishing a new topic in the newly released Glarysoft forum at [http://forum.glarysoft.com/].

Technical support is provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We can do it better with your active participation. For more information, please visit: http://www.glaryutilities.com .Thank you.

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