Tip And Treat Cafe Helping Millions Of Unemployed Americans

Coralville, Iowa (PressExposure) October 18, 2011 -- As 14 million Americans remain agonizingly unemployed, and several millions grimace in the morass of underemployment, a 14-time Iowa author, C. Paschal Eze, has come up with one way to inspire and encourage the unemployed starting October 28 2011. He calls it the Tip and Treat Cafe (TTC) in which the gainfully employed, irrespective of their political and religious persuasions, exercise their moral courage to take their unemployed compatriots and neighbors out for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, sporting activities or shopping but more importantly offer them invaluable job search tips, job recommendations, mentoring and networking support as well as needed help in tweaking their resumes.

"Sending them bucket of flowers, gift cards, complimentary 3-month newspaper subscription or salon treatment won't hurt," adds Eze whose business has provided much needed technical support for new entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives who created their own jobs.

Thus, while career politicians in Washington DC are desperately bickering over who deserves the greatest blame for the high unemployment that has thrown many families into poverty and indignity, Tip and Treat Cafe will quietly serve to raise awareness and support for the unemployed across the US, and is expected to continue every weekend for as long as the unemployment rate is over 9%.

According to Eze, unemployed people do not need political bumper stickers and maneuvers. They need practical help in identifying and pursuing existing job opportunities or even creating their own jobs as entrepreneurs. They need encouragement to accept positions below their qualifications while seeking befitting positions. They need help in walking their dogs or babysitting their children while they go looking for jobs. They need training for jobs of the future, and retraining and retooling programs in community colleges and universities and help paying for them. They need their neighbors and acquaintances inviting them to take advantage of meaningful networking events downtown or in the suburbs.

"But Tip and Treat Cafe is no magic wand and it is certainly not a harvest of pity for the unemployed but it is one no-frills way to help, with the rest of us chipping in, doing the little we can to encourage and support our neighbors who are facing the unfortunate and despicable experience of unemployment; letting them know we are rooting for them," notes Eze, who has 14 how-to and inspirational books to his credit, including Dare To Love Nine: Eight Plus One Persons To Love Before They Die which also addresses the issue of unemployment. Eze reminds everyone that many of the people who are employed today, including himself, were at one point in their lives unemployed even if for a short time, and there is no guarantee they will not be unemployed at anytime in the future.

On why the campaign is primarily a weekend affair, Eze, a widely traveled inspirational speaker, business communication advisor and certified training consultant, explains that while anyone can encourage and support the unemployed at anytime, the weekend is usually a time many people work less and hence find time to attend to important family needs, including reaching out to unemployed members of their extended family.

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