Titelist Performance Institute Reaches Bucks County - Golfers Dominate Their Game

Langhorne, PA (PressExposure) May 28, 2009 -- Local Chiropractor, Fitness Professional, & Golf Pro's Team Up To Offer The Gold-Standard in Golf Performance Training.

Golfers all over the world have begun to realize the effectiveness of medically-oriented movement assessment, personal training, and golf lessons as the triangle of golf training that produces the best results. However, it wasn't until recently that the gold-standard in golf fitness hit Bucks County. One Bucks County chiropractor has information that every golf enthusiast needs to know. Not everybody can move like Tiger Woods, so finding and fixing your physical limitations is what's important. Dr. Richard Berkowitz, of Complete Health & Chiropractic, states that TPI's 14 point physical screen can help find these limitations and fixing them can lower your score."

"If you have pain or soreness after a round of golf, or your swing is hampered by physical limitations or injuries, the Titelist Performance Institute's 14 point physical screen and corrective exercise program will change that," states Dr. Berkowitz, certified to evaluate golfers by TPI and a board certified chiropractor. "Reaching peak physical shape is not necessarily the intention of golf fitness training," states Dr. Kareem Samhouri, owner of BucksCountyHealth.com, "but adapting your training program to the demands placed on your body, in specific, during golf is. We've teamed up to provide the best golf performance program in our area so that you can lower your score and enjoy golf more."

This community's fitness and medical professionals remind readers that diligence and patience are important virtues when improving in the game of golf, but nothing compares to education and movement analysis. "The philosophy at the Titelist Performance Institute is that there are many ways to swing a golf club but only one efficient way," adds Dr. Berkowitz "combining proper conditioning with a full physical evaluation is a a big part of the total equation." People all over the world are struggling to improve in golf through golf fitness programs that are too intense, unplanned, and misguided. "By shifting your focus to golf fitness education, your results will go through the roof," said Dr. K. "It's really amazing to see a client understand golf fitness for the first time, because it is that precise moment that you recognize, as their personal trainer, that you've given them the gift of a lower handicap for life."

Complete Health & Chiropractic & BucksCountyHealth.com are two of the premier health and wellness centers in Bucks County. Through their independent and integrated approaches, golfers are able to develop skill in the game of golf that their bodies previously wouldn't allow.

They will be hosting a golf fitness workshop Wednesday, June 10 at Global Fitness LLC. It is free to attend, but requires a minimum of 48 hours prior. If you would like to attend "Golf Fitness Made Easy," please contact Global Fitness LLC at (215) 891 9500 and pre-register for attendance. A $27 credit card deposit will be made to guarantee your spot in the class. Following attendance, no charges will be assessed.

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Dr. Rich Berkowitz is the owner of Complete Health & Chiropractic. Dr. Kareem Samhouri is the owner of Global Fitness LLC, a physical therapy and personal training company. They have helped thousands of people improve health and decrease joint restrictions. They are available for interviews, or to discuss other stories related to golf fitness, chiropractic, and physical therapy. They can be reached at (215) 891 9500 or by email at:


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