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Pasay City, Philippines (PressExposure) June 26, 2009 -- The Nokia Nseries is considered as one of the most popular brands of mobile phones sold throughout the world, including the Philippines. Since its announcement and spontaneous releases of its new versions, Nseries received success repeated successes on the market. But when it comes to Nokia Nseries' best-selling model, the N95 is considered as top brand. According to studies, and from several Cellular Philippine Phone [] enthusiasts, Nokia N95 have recorded a staggering 7 million units sold around the world. But what made N95 so popular than its major competitor?


Nokia N95's capabilities include:

* A Global Positioning System receiver with maps and optional turn-by-turn directions * A 5 megapixel digital camera with Carl Zeiss optics, flash, video recording and video conferencing; wireless connectivity via HSDPA, IrDA, 802.11x and Bluetooth * A portable media player with the ability to download podcasts over the air * A FM Radio tuner * Composite Video output via included cable * Multi-tasking to allow several applications to run simultaneously * A web browser with support for HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Flash * Messaging via SMS, MMS and e-mail * Office suite and organizer functions; and the ability to install and run third party Java or Symbian mobile applications

Since the introduction of the original N95-1, several updated versions have been released as well: The N95 8GB with 8 gigabytes of internal storage and a larger display, the N95 NAM and the N95 8GB NAM with support for North American UMTS (3G) bands, and finally the lower cost N95-5 and N95-6 for the Chinese market.

Comparison of N95 phones

N95 8GB is a revision of the N95, called N95 8GB (N95-2, internally known as RM-320), was announced on August 21, 2007, and put on market in October 2007. According to several Cellular Philippine Phone [] enthusiasts that inspected the phone, its improvements include:

* 8 GB separate internal memory * Larger display (up from 2.6 inches (66 mm) to 2.8"). * 128 MB RAM (up from 64MB), 95MB available. * Demand paging (although the N95 supports this too, since firmware version 20.0.015) * 1200 mAh battery (BL-6F), up from 950 mAh * Cosmetic changes to media and front-panel buttons * New model of handsfree/remote control, AD-54 (as opposed to AD-43 for previous N95 versions) * New multimedia menu, with Nokia's Ovi content integration * Built-in Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR) in software versions v20.0.016 onwards for the N95 8GB version and from v30.0.015 for N95-1, respectively. * Black faceplate instead of the original silver.

N95 NAM (N95-3) is a revision of the N95, internally designated as RM-160, designed specifically for the North American market. It is also available in Australian and South American market. The following was changed from the original version:

* 128 MB RAM, up from 64MB. * WCDMA (HSDPA) 850 and 1900 MHz , instead of 2100 MHz . * 1200 mAh battery, up from 950 mAh. * Talk time up to 190 min (WCDMA), up to 250 min (GSM). * Slider protecting camera lens removed to make room for the larger battery. * Camera flash moved to the vertical axis of the phone, so when the phone is used as a camera it sits to the side of the camera, instead of below as in the N95-1. * Cosmetic changes to media buttons. * Height: 2.05 cm, down from 2.10 cm. * Mass: 125 g, up from 120 g. * White keyboard light instead of blue for visibility improvement.

N95 8GB NAM (N95-3) is the North American 3G-compatible version of the N95-2. The main differences to the N95-2 are:

* Camera lens is now more flush with the phone's face. * Multimedia keys are less glossy. * No ASR (Automatic Screen Rotation). Although a hardware accelerometer is present, third party software is required to rotate the screen.

The N95-5 and N95-6 are phones marketed mainly in China. Featuring the internal name RM-245, the N95-5 is targeted at the Chinese market. According to many Cellular Philippine Phone [] enthusiasts, the main difference from the regular N95 is the lack of any 3G connectivity support, which has not been yet adopted in China. The N95-6 or N95 8GB internally coded RM-321 is a Chinese market-targeted version of the N95-2, lacking 3G and WLAN support just like the N95-5.

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