Top 10 Ranking & Search Engine Optimization Firm Concludes Its 'Recession' Experiment

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 20, 2009 --, online since 2002, has just concluded a non-scientific analysis of its client data running November 2008 – June 2009 and has unearthed some startling figures that lend weight to the belief in some quarters that the recession is only hitting hardest in certain countries and to certain business types.

Website promotion and search engine optimization service provider has waded into the deep with startling evidence, which it claims adds direct weight to the argument of an in-balance in how deeply the recession is affecting online spend in the SEO and website promotion marketplace.

Wholly non-scientific advises, comes their report that seems to demonstrate an almost 50% drop in UK spending whilst areas that include Australia, Asia and even South America appear to be up almost 100% on previous years. also sees real emphasis being placed on Yahoo and Google in local markets, rather than across the board, a trend which has increased tenfold they advise since November 2008.

To put the figures into context, the background of sees the search engine ranking firm being online for over 7 years. Providing search engine optimization support and its website marketing skills to almost 10,000 client websites, resellers and associates during this time the promotion company has always maintained its inexpensive promotional packages as a means to assist smaller business and help them compete with the ‘big boys’. has seen many changes over its first 7 years, but none so significant as that seen from the period November 2008 – June 2009.

Detailing the most significant changes the promotion firm highlight the following as the key indicators to change in the spending patterns of its client base. Again it stresses these figures to be wholly un-scientific but if taken as a representation of the whole market area, could be seen as a remarkable shift in marketing spend in a short time frame.

1. highlights how PayPal has become the primary payment method of choice for its clients. With a multitude of available payment methods available online its own research has shown that online business is steering towards PayPal, and in doing so is is part funding marketing spend from a business point of view from its personal pocket. In saying this its own figures seem to demonstrate that businesses are also using their own personal spending power to maintain advertising spend, and in some cases increase it. PayPal has become a primary payment method during the last 8 months, a shift not seem by since 2003.

2. UK SEO spend down at least 50% when compared to any other year, back to 2002. qualifies this unscientific conclusion based on its client history, which demonstrates how the firm attracts 50% less UK business than ever before. In addition to this US based business is down just 10% based again on any period back to 2002, a much smaller drop-off but still significant in that the trend appears neither to be declining or increases – simply remaining steady.

3. The rapid amendment of payment tiers. Providing its customers with different search engine optimization packages, that include yearly and monthly options and having done so for over 6 years servicewrap again concludes from its key internal research that online business are requiring yearly, not monthly service package charges, thus allowing one spend to cover one year of service. Prior to November 2008 its customers preferred, with a 90%+ majority to take monthly solutions whereas the current climate appears to have changed the spending philosophy of many, opting for a discounted yearly spend rather than a monthly option. Again a rather remarkable about-turn in just an 8 month period.

4. The gentle giants of Australia, South America and Asia, that primarily include Australia itself, Mexico, Singapore and even China have seen a massive jump in this same 8 month period. indicate that with absolutely no additional marketing spend of their own in these areas that they have witnessed a 100%+ increase in clients seeking local search engine optimization. When advising ‘local’ these online businesses wanted, in the 90%+ majority to simply want to target Google and Yahoo Mexico/Singapore/China etc. Whilst at the same time those US and UK customers still spending in SEO quarters with also wanted to just target local results in the same 2 search engines. concludes its internal research with the note that, online business wants to spend less to achieve more, but they should use the same ‘laws of attraction’ as they always used, but just attain them more wisely. They want a simplified means to make online transactions and want to use more of their personal spend to assist their businesses. At the same time countries not affected by the recession as much as others are clearly seen and look to dominate their global competitors by increasing their SEO and website promotion spend at a time where others are decreasing.

In other words – UK and US businesses watch out, the other guys are coming.

A purely unscientific experiment to find out what is happening in the market today. For further information visit today.

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A purely unscientific experiment to find out what is happening in the market today. For further information visit today.

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