Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Today

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) June 27, 2009 -- Incandescent light bulbs are on the way out. They don't last very long and quit simply generate a very low amount of light for the high amount of energy required. Replacing them is a variety of energy efficient light bulbs. These range from LED light bulbs, which use a low amount of energy to emit light from an array of diodes, to CFLs, or compact fluorescent lights, which last a very long time and require a low amount of energy compared to the light generated. Below are some reasons to switch to energy efficient bulbs today:

4. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Last Longer! This is an obvious one. Let's take the LED light bulbs for instance. Under regular use they should last over ten years at full brightness (100,000 hours turned on). I remember making trips monthly to purchase incandescent bulbs before I made (or flipped) the switch.

3. They Make Light, Not Heat! Depending on whom you ask; incandescent light bulbs emit 70% to 90% of their energy as heat, not light. This would be great if I was buying a heater, but I bought a light bulb. This figure seems very backwards to me, and is just another of the reasons why incandescent light bulb market share is shrinking in favor of energy efficient bulbs.

2. LED Light Bulbs Move at the Speed of...Light. This seems obvious, but is very interesting. When an incandescent bulb receives power there is a lag time between flipping the switch and full illumination. LED bulbs avoid this, lighting up in microseconds. This is particularly important in driving or industrial applications where time is everything. At 55 mph LED lights give you an extra 16 feet of braking distance. Further, they are more durable and operate at a much wider range of voltages. When timing is everything, avoid incandescent bulbs like the plague.

1. They Save Money. Yes, the MSRP may be a few cents higher, but do the math. Energy efficient light bulbs will shrink your electric bill and last longer while doing so. This combination means you will see a return on your (slightly) larger initial investment within a short period of time. A 23w CFL light bulb replaces a 100w incandescent; pretty remarkable.

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