Top 5 Reasons Why Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Popular

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- Have you ever thought of using a tungsten wedding band for your wedding day? There are several other types of wedding rings today that you can choose from such as gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, and titanium wedding rings. Why choose a tungsten wedding band instead? These are some of the reasons why tungsten wedding band have become popular to a lot of couples, more especially to the men.

Reason #1: Toughness

Tungsten is considered by many metallurgists as one of the toughest known metals around. It has the highest melting point of all non-alloyed (metals with no mixture of other metals) metals next to carbon. Because it can withstand high temperature, tungsten is commonly used on light bulbs, cathode-ray tubes, vacuum tube filaments, heating elements, and rocket engine nozzles. It is also used as a base component for cutting tools and armor piercing ammunition. In short, because of its toughness, tungsten has found many industrial uses. However, because of this same property, it has also recently been utilized as jewelry - more particularly as a wedding ring. In fact, a simple tungsten wedding band is proven to be tougher than a platinum wedding ring.

Reason #2: Luster

Tungsten is known to have a luster similar to that of gold. However, in contrast to gold, tungsten requires no polishing to attain a luxurious luster. However, if processed, tungsten can showcase a brushed finish, a feature unique only to this element. Also, the mirror-like luster of tungsten wedding rings is believed to hold for long periods of time because of tungsten's inherent toughness, allowing the rings to look brand new even after 10 years of usage.

Reason #3: Hypoallergenic

Unlike gold, which sometimes cause skin irritation to sensitive skin, tungsten is known to have a hypoallergenic composition that makes it perfect as a wedding ring for people who have sensitive skin.

Reason #4: Affordability

Compared to gold and platinum, a typical tungsten wedding band is more affordable. It ranges in price from $100 US Dollars to $500 US Dollars. In some areas, it even costs significantly less than white gold rings.

Reason #5: A Perfect Symbol

Wedding rings are said to be the symbol of the relationship shared by couples, which is why couples tend to take a lot of time in choosing the kind of wedding ring that's most appropriate for them. Most couples look for the ring that embodies the characteristics of their relationship - beautiful, long-lasting, non-irritating, and tough - the defining characteristics of the tungsten wedding band.

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