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3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 13, 2009 -- Looking for an appropriate wedding band that not only offers the best quality in toughness, shine, and resistance, but also conveys a sense of permanence of a relationship bonded by love is a difficult thing. However, because of the growing industry of jewelries and the wide range of materials used to make wedding rings, there is now a significantly wider selection of wedding rings available in the market. Listed below are the top 5 choices of wedding rings that couples today are opting to have. #1: Tungsten Wedding Bands Tungsten wedding bands, more specifically tungsten carbide wedding rings, are one of the most popular kinds of rings today. Though considerably new in the market, tungsten wedding bands have quickly become in-demand across the world. This is mainly becausetungsten wedding bands are capable of holding up to daily wear and are highly resistant to scratches. In addition to this, because of the carbide, tungsten wedding bands possess a lustrous black gloss that is often polished to a mirror-like finish. All these features make this particular type of wedding band very popular especially to men. #2: Platinum or White Gold Wedding Rings Platinum, a precious metal popular for its toughness and luxurious white color, is also used by jewelers to make wedding rings. Many people mistake it for white gold though. This is because white gold is composed of yellow gold and at least one white metal, which can also be platinum. Platinum wedding rings have the toughness of gold and the white color of platinum - traits that make them one of the most popular wedding rings around. #3: Titanium Wedding Rings Inspired by popular movies that featured titanium as the strongest type of metal around, jewelers have sought ways on how to use titanium for jewelries. The result of this work is the incredibly tough titanium wedding ring. Because of its toughness, durability (ability to withstand scratches and beatings), affordability (cheaper than gold), and its gunmetal grey color, it has become an appealing wedding ring especially for men. #4: Gold Wedding Rings As one of the first materials used to make wedding rings; the element gold is still preferred by many jewelers when it comes to jewelry. One common reason why golden wedding rings are popular is because of its durability or its ability to withstand everyday wear-and-tear, which makes it unaffected by the passage of time. #5: Palladium Wedding Rings

Being one of the metals in the Platinum group, palladium pretty much shares some of the properties of platinum such as its natural white color which gives it freedom from rhodium plating. Palladium is also said to be much lighter than platinum but 12% harder. Just like gold, it can be beaten into a leaf form as thin as 100 nm (1/250,000 in). Palladium-gold is a more expensive alloy than nickel-gold, but it's naturally hypoallergenic and holds its white color better.

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