Top Atlanta Boot Camp Instructor Reveals 50 Reasons Why People Fail To Lose Weight

Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) June 23, 2009 -- 1.) Don't have clear and defined written goals 2.) No date set to obtain their goals 3.) Don't take enough action 4.) No support system set 5.) Skipping Breakfast 6.) Too much sugar in their diet 7.) Haven’t even thought of changing their diet 8.) Skipping meals 9.) Don't take enough action 10.) Not willing to do whatever it takes 11.) Don't take the right actions 12.) Not in full control of the foods they eat 13.) Don’t use a food and exercise journal 14.) Not giving enough in their workouts…barely getting by & calling it exercise. 15.) Not fully committed to seeing their body change 16.) Don’t allow their body’s adequate rest 17.) Make way too many excuses ( I’m too old….I’m big boned, I like to eat, I’m too busy) 18.) Don’t even have a mental picture/image of what they want to look like 19.) In fear of real change 20.) Under the impression because they worked they can eat whatever 21.) For some reason, feel if food is “free” or given to them feel they need to have it 22.) Aren’t willing to give stuff up (like laying down the alcohol or give up foods they know are contrary to their goals) 23.) Do not plan their meals ahead of time 24.) Do not shop at the local farmer’s market for fresh produce 25.) Do not cook their own meals 26.) Look for the easy way out 27.) Spend endless hours on the treadmill, running etc 28.) Believe crunches & sit ups make the belly go away 29.) Try to do spot training for “target areas” 30.) Believe they have to lose weight before they build muscle 31.) Choose slow burning cardio as their primary way to burn calories 32.) Fail to get fast acting protein immediately following exercise. 33.) Fail to drink enough water throughout the day 34.) Don’t eat 6-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day 35.) Don’t eat healthy snacks 36.) Always claim they know what to eat/eating healthy, yet have no clue on what healthy eating really is 37.) Do not take a high quality fish oil and high quality multivitamin 38.) Have been misinformed and fall into traps 39.) Do not read food labels/ingredients 40.) Don’t really know what their looking for when they do read ingredients 41.) Do not use an effective interval training program 42.) Are not fully honest with themselves 43.) Don’t not plan ahead for potential road blocks 44.) Feel they need to reward themselves with “treats” in the form of food far too often 45.) Don’t utilize multi joint movements 46.) Take the advice from friends/gym members who have no proven track record 47.) Throw away $ with stuff they see on TV or at the supplemental stores 48.) Do not understand 80-90% stem from nutrition 49.) Continue to do the same thing day and day out, yet miraculously believe a change will come 50.) Fail to put themselves at the forefront. Their thoughts about how they look, their fitness goals, health etc. For the most part, they’re always after everything, kids, family, work, church….

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