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Gurgaon, Haryana India (PressExposure) February 13, 2011 -- Books Orbit has a strong interactive element, and the website in its finished form will be demonstrably unique to each visitor, based on his or her reading tastes.

Tired of gifting red hearts and chocolate boxes on St. Valentine's Day? Feel the need to do something more significant than just buying a bunch of roses? Books Orbit is just the place for you.

For Valentine's Day, we offer special deals on a series of books, almost all dealing with the ineffable concept of love. Here is a brief look at some of the best books on special deals for Valentine's Day...

Pride and Prejudice: want to know how romance was conducted in an age when husband and wife referred to each other with Mister and Missus? Pride and Prejudice is that rare book that survives the test of time, because it is a work that stood above its era and spoke of issues that were timeless and real. Written by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is a masterwork of subtle and intimate satire that is nevertheless transparent to anyone who reads it. Austen's characters are almost invariably conscious of social norms, manners, upbringing and other aspects of 19th century British society, yet their individualism wins through in sublime gestures of independence. The book, subject to myriad adaptations, chronicles the love between Elizabeth Bennett, a beautiful, intelligent woman born into circumstances that require her to marry without considering love, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, an aloof, brusque member of the landed gentry who falls for Elizabeth despite his frigid exterior.

Gone with the Wind: Written in 1936 by American author Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind is perhaps better known for its famous film adaptation and the well known catchphrase 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.' Reading the book is an inexpressibly richer experience. Scarlett O' Hara is the spoiled, selfish daughter of a plantation owner who sees his estates ruined in the American Civil War. She loves the shy, retiring intellectual, Ashley Wilkes, who fights honourably in the Confederate Army, and is loved by Rhett Butler, the flamboyant smuggler and profiteer who uses the Civil War for his own ends. Mitchell's remarkable achievement is in making this love triangle symbolic of the forces contending in the dying American South. Reading that famous punch-line is infinitely more effective than hearing it as dialogue, because it comes after an epic, 1000 page record of Southern American life and customs masquerading as a romantic novel about a spoilt rich girl. It is a rollicking read.

Wuthering Heights: Sick of uplifting novels? Tired of feel good films? Still think that love is important and too complex to be called either uplifting or comfy? Read Wuthering Heights.

Few books match the morose, dark atmosphere of Wuthering Heights, which, though described as Gothic, has little to do with the horror novels associated with that genre (like Dracula or Frankenstein). Wuthering Heights is about Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by a family part of the landed English gentry, and Catherine, the daughter of the house.

Heathcliff is a ruthless, dark character, almost fanatical in his love for Catherine, but his status as a foundling, and his lack of any status, prevent Catherine from marrying him, though she nevertheless reciprocates his love. She marries a respectable suitor, spurring Heathcliff to flee Wuthering Heights heartbroken, only to return bent on revenge. The story, set in the oppressive moors of Northern England, still strikes a chord for its frank depiction of emotional and physical cruelty.

Twilight: by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight is first in a saga wildly popular amidst girls of all ages, and a contemporary publishing phenomenon that spawned a blockbuster movie.

It's a fantasy fiction novel, so keep your hair on while we describe it. There are werewolves and vampires here, but they aren't the savage, hairy, smelly kind, but the handsome, ripped Greek god variety. Twilight is the height of feminine wish fulfillment, arguably a contemporary female counterpart to the James Bond series. The book is probably the ideal Valentine's day gift: if your girlfriend likes it, you can glow with the feeling of having pleased her, and if she doesn't, you can be proud to have a woman whose tastes transcend the romance novel genre. If your boyfriend likes it, he is either the world's best liar or very much in love with you, and if he doesn't....well boys will be boys.

But perhaps you don't want just soppy books on love, assuming of course, that all books on love are automatically soppy. We have something for you too, never fear.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman: easily the most significant fantasy series this side of J.R.R Tolkien's awe-inspiring Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pullman's powerful saga is known best for its strongly Miltonic and rational approach to magic and fantasy. Pullman's series has run into its share of controversy: Christian groups have taken issue with its negative portrayal of the Christian God and his servants. His books stand in sharp contrast to the works of both Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, fantasy fiction authors who wrote strongly Christian themes into their work. His most famous literary innovation is the concept of a daemon, a ghostly being unique to each person (taking the form of an animal), which is at once a guardian angel and a living representation of one's soul. The first novel in the series deals with a shady organisation's attempts to rob children of their individuality by... read the book.

Remember that this is merely a selection, and there are many, many more books on offer in Books Orbit. We look forward to your visit and hope the choices we have on display will please your loved ones as much as it has pleased generations of readers.

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