Top Eleven Nutrition and Shopping Leverage Points of Today's Consumers

Newport Beach, CA (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- NutriTalk™, the nutrition communications experts, isolated the eleven nutrition-related areas that exemplify the new shopper to help our nutrition communications clients. Overall, today’s shopper is concerned with time, budgets, value, and health. Specifically, consumers are making choices for health that are in line with their family budgets. And, it appears that new shopping behaviors are becoming permanent. We believe that the future supermarket shopper will most likely be a conservative value-conscious and health-minded supermarket shopper.

Today, consumers are trading down their nutrition purchases. Price sensitivity is a concern and it is not surprising that shoppers often have a grocery list in their hands as they shop for bargains that they find in store or in ad circulars. To stretch their food dollar, Americans are searching for private label foods that are usually cheaper than their name brand competitors. And, consumers are pleasantly suprised that popular private-label store brands taste great. These are not the private label brands of the past, since today’s consumers desire tasty foods that are functional, such as offering calorie burning, mood food, digestive health, and weight management.

Value, nutrition, and taste are important. Consumers are increasingly stretching their food dollars to farther. To help consumers maximize every dollar spent on food, magazines, food companies, and cookbooks are focusing on cooking economical foods, like stews, soups and casseroles. In addition, there has been a change in food preparation habits in order to save money and a focus on healthier food choices. That is one reason that consumers are packing brown-bag meals and canning more often.

A clear benefit to our present economy is a return to simple solutions for the home and meals. One area of growth is a return to farmers markets. Another is a “green movement” of eating less processed and more natural, whole foods. As consumers aim for more locally grown foods they become “locavores” who often are motivated back to kitchens and family tables to celebrate regional, seasonal, and culinary cuisines.

Although many people will cook meals at home, there is a growing population of cooking illiterate people. These Americans desire prepared foods that can be heated, served, or assembled at home to create a family meal, without cooking from scratch like grandma may have done back in the 1950’s. NutriTalk™ believes that clearly there are key leverage points that can be used to improve your company’s nutrition communications.

NutriTalk™’s Top Eleven Nutrition and Shopping Leverage Points of Consumers

1. Trading Down Nutrition Purchases 2. Price Sensitivity 3. Locally Grown Cuisine 4. Sustainability/Green Movement 5. Making Decisions Before Entering the Store 6. Increase In Prepared Foods Used For Quick Family Meals 7. Increase In Pre-Packaged Food 8. Spotlight On Wellness and Prevention 9. Shopping for Bargains Where They Find Them 10. Organic/Free-Range Foods 11. More Private Label Products

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