Top Ergonomic Posture Tips for Laptop Users

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- How many times that you complain your back, neck pain, or shoulder problems while you use laptop? That’s might because you are clueless about right postures. Our spine, back or neck probably has been suffering from unhealthiness caused by bad habits since the day we bought them, aren’t you agree?

Yes, laptop price is becoming cheaper and cheaper, as wholesale laptops [] sellers or suppliers have mastered advanced technology and they could reduce the cost as much as possible. However, they couldn’t invent a laptop that poses no healthy hazards to human-beings, Sony can’t,Lenovo can’t, or any other else. And only ourselves could save our back, neck, spine, and our health. How to? Bear the following points in mind and start your healthy day to use your laptop.

Take breaks at intervals and keep that habit every day. Walk in the office and stroll outside to breath some fresh air from time to time, letting your muscles, legs, shoulders, and neck have a great rest.

Choose a comfy chair. Firm, adjustable chair with lumbar support is highly recommended, as you could set the chair according to your own condition.

Keep right sitting posture all the time and remember not to slouch on the seat. That posture is ugly and unhealthy.

Make use of separate keyboard and mouse. When you do that, you will find that your eyes, hands and arms is not as tired as you only use laptop.

Place your laptop notebook computers [] on a stable base. The best place to place your laptop is a stable desk. And the desk should be neither too high nor too low, as those kinds of desks need you to angle up to type or bend your body to see the screen. If you are on the road, try your best to find a place with steady base, if not, you would be weary of using your notebook and steadying the base at the same time.

Opt for the laptops with large screens. The larger the screen is, the less stress it will produce on your hands, eyes, etc. Although laptops with large screens have less mobility, it could help save our health. Ultraportable laptop [] or smaller type always has small keyboards and small screens, undoubtedly, the stress and the tiredness these computers caused are much bigger. So if you are not a frequent business traveler, you could consider choosing a laptop with large screen, like 15" and 18".

Be certain that you could clearly see the characters and pictures on your laptops’ screen. Don’t be fooled by the sellers’ pictures or characters they put on their sample products on the market, bring some pictures and articles by yourself and try it on the laptop that you intend to buy.

Get used to these positive postures and farewell to bad habits now. If not, you might suffer from different ache and pains one day.

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