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Tempe, Arizona (PressExposure) December 29, 2009 -- Did you know the vast majority of websites receive only a handful of hits per day? This can go on for months - even longer - depending on how well the site is optimized for search engine placement. Sure, you want traffic to your site, but most importantly, you want targeted traffic - visitors who are looking for the goods and services your site provides. Studies have shown that most users will click on one of the first organic listings that come up for their search, so that is obviously where you need to be! And to do that, your site has to have more than just good content, service, and products; your site needs good Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

While SEO is an integral part of running a website, it is also a deeply complex and ever-changing subject. It changes so rapidly and so often, in fact, that it can be overwhelming for even the most prepared venture! Handling your own web marketing efforts is a lot like printing your own business cards. Our Web traffic gurus specialize in SEO techniques and website marketing. Their consultation can not only save you precious time and money, but improve your search engine placement, and bring you visitors. Not just any visitors, either - your target audience - viewers who are interested in the content your website provides, and the products and services you offer.

The truth is that, while search engine optimization is absolutely necessary, too much can actually work against you; beyond a certain point, search engines will consider your site spam and lower its ranking - even ban it entirely! If you have ever seen a site with a thick chunk of words (few of which have anything to do with the site, but are popular search terms - called "keyword stuffing"), then you have seen one way of how not to do it, or "black hat" SEO. But what about keywords in your METAdata - do you have the right ones, too many, or do search engines even consider this data anymore? How do you know which method is the best for your website and how much is too much? Which methods are acceptable to search engines, and which are considered "black-hat?"

While all site owners need to know a little about SEO, few need to become SEO masters themselves. Instead, consider consulting internet marketing gurus, like, who make website search engine optimization their sole enterprise.

The key to achieving top search engine placement for your website is likely different from any others, and a qualified consultant can help you determine precisely which methods are best for your needs. The right keywords, the proper keyword density, better navigation - the key to your site's achieving higher organic placement could be as simple as remembering to include "alt" names for images and adding METAdata to each page! Usually, it is a combination of several things. In fact, specific pages on your site may require different methods than others; there is no "skeleton key" which works for all sites, or even all the pages on a single site.

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO. However, website search engine optimization is more a science than an art, and qualified professionals know what criteria the search engines are looking for, how they find that information and how much they value it, as well as the best optimization methods to ensure your site reaches your business' target demographic.

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