Top Ten Reasons To Hire A Website Design Companies Your Business Magnets

, (PressExposure) June 15, 2009 -- Business card magnets are one step better; they have an underlying practical purpose and will remain in full view in the most frequently trafficked room of the house, your kitchen. While most business cards end up lost somewhere in the house, dog-eared and torn or used to jot down someone else's phone number, business magnets have more staying power. When you need that number, instead of having to search through pockets, purses, and desk drawers, it is right there on the refrigerator.

To avoid a less than inspiring first impression, think about these seeds of wisdom when you are choosing how to produce your business card magnets:

1. While do-it-yourself magnet kits may seem user-friendly and less expensive than hiring a web design firm, homemade business cards often produce a grainy, blurred or smeared result.

2. A professional is trained to have an eye for detail and design layout.

3. A website design is experienced in the art of drawing your physical image and combining it with your business profile to produce a truly unique rendering on your business card or magnet.

4. Your body language and on-the-spot knowledge are the first impression a potential client will have of your business; the magnet is the vehicle by which you will be remembered. A professional will be able to make the best of it.

5. Printing your own cards at home and using amateur tools to cut them will be obvious; they produce a less than polished result. The magnet should reflect the same care, air of professionalism and subtle indication of competency in its appearance as a business card. Spending your money wisely on a professional website design companies will lend these qualities to your magnet.

6. Using a web designer in a larger company places more resources, more ideas, more people to step in and help and a wider range of available materials with which to produce your ideal card magnet.

7. An amateur or a one-man show is subject to absences, sick kids, car accidents, lunch breaks (with no one to answer the phone) or too many clients at once. If your purchase is small, this may be acceptable, but if you have a larger order, it is usually better to go with a bigger web design company.

8. A trained website designer will know how to present your image in a way that is right for your type of business. They are in business to know the recent trends in marketing and what skills you have that are effectively transferred into a few short phrases on the magnet card.

9. Your business card should be unique, aesthetically pleasing, be crisp and clear. A professional will be updated in their own skills and have the extra edge you need to get the most out of your money

10. Using do-it-yourself or pre-formatted business card tools will get you an end result that looks just like every other business card magnet. It will not have the unique appeal that yours could have by using a custom and personalized design approach.

The same care you would use to create your business card should be applied to your business card magnet. In addition, spending money on a cheap magnet will produce a low grade result and ruin the effectiveness of having a business card magnet. If the magnet is too weak to hold paper, it will end up on the floor rendering it an ineffective tool for advertising.

The right words, colors, fonts, shapes and design is what will communicate your professional image to all your potential clients and make them remember yours above all the rest.

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