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San Jose, Ca, CA (PressExposure) March 24, 2008 -- Trading Everyday continues to raise the bar when it comes to serving traders of all levels. In its ongoing effort to bring success to all traders, Trading EveryDay is launching a new membership website on Wednesday, January 30, 2008. It’s called Trading EveryDay iGrOOp - a community of aspiring traders who are motivated and determined to succeed in trading. It’s meant for those traders who want to focus on learning, teaching, and coaching in affordable, small group settings. The differentiating factor between this community and others is that Trading EveryDay iGrOOp intends to be available and accessible to assist traders on their path to successful trading.

Trading EveryDay iGrOOp is introducing two (2) types of memberships - 1) Full-Access Membership, and 2) Limited-Access Membership. On a high level, Limited-Access is a subset of Full-Access with the major exceptions being that Full-Access Membership has over 50+ FREE annual seminars (vs. discounted for Limited-Access members) and the ability to create blogs and videos (vs. a Read-only feature for Limited-Access).

With chat capabilities, you can access affordable, real-time, interactive, online mentoring and training numerous times EVERY month and attend regularly scheduled seminars and chart reviews via Web 2.0 technology. All of this will come in extremely handy as you explore solutions and strategies to solve your trading challenges.

The membership includes many things, another of which is a depository for relevant, valuable, informative trading information. If you’ve ever attempted to find answers to your trading questions, you know that the sheer volume of trading information out there makes the effort pretty overwhelming, sometimes confusing, and extremely time consuming. Trading EveryDay iGrOOp is working to minimize these anxieties by helping you with the research and providing you access to its libraries and findings.

In this first generation of the depository, the Trading EveryDay iGrOOp staff regularly surfs the internet and other sources for trading information, and they provide it to you in a number of different ways. There are downloadable files, Blog posts, Featured Links, Featured Applications (including, but not limited to, File Sharing, Web Audio Chat, Video/MP3 Gallery, etc.), Featured Postcards/Articles & Podcasts/Multimedia, and more. Future generations of this depository will only enhance the already robust site.

Trading EveryDay iGrOOp benefits are combined in both the live, interactive services and the trading information depository for each membership and are being offered today at hard-to-believe, rock-bottom prices. Full-Access Membership is available for a mere $34.95/month (or the amazingly low, discounted price of $299/year) and Limited-Access Membership is available for only $24.95/month (or the unbelievable low price of $229/year). These affordable memberships make it possible for just about any trader to have a trading coach, which is exactly what many traders need to succeed.

While the fundamentals of trading remain the “same” wherever you look, TED strives to meet the needs of those traders with the desire to improve their trading, thereby reinforcing its goal to become a premier source of discerning traders for educational trading products and services. Being true to its priority of providing high-quality, high-value products and services at affordable prices for the advancement of all traders, Trading EveryDay has hit yet another homerun with its new Trading EveryDay iGrOOp website and community. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Trading EveryDay is a distinguished provider of educational trading products and services, believing that the only difference between an average trader and a great trader is education and coaching. Its products and services are designed to cater to traders of all levels and meet their individual needs and budgetary limitations. Trading EveryDay products and services are available worldwide - all you need is the desire to improve your trading activities, a computer, and internet access. You can visit the site by logging on to

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