Trading System Mastery Coaching Ends Trading Frustrations, Restores Confidence

Columbia, SC (PressExposure) February 24, 2011 -- unveiled its "Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching" for traders. This is an innovative program designed by Brian McAboy, owner of and trading professional, for traders of stocks and options, futures and forex currencies who would like to achieve a sufficient level of mastery in the ways they trade that could help them surpass the discipline and confidence challenges associated with trading.

The greatest frustrations and disappointments for nearly all individual, self-directed traders have to do with their trading system. Most mistakenly but understandably attribute their difficulties with hesitation, execution and consistency to a lack of discipline, which is not the real root cause of the problem. Most trading systems lack the necessary qualities to be traded well and consistently, and it takes a specific skill set to ensure that the system itself is sufficient. Thus the Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching program was created to provide this skill-set and process to traders in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Both veteran and novice traders alike could attest to the stressful experience of trading associated with the uncertainty of the markets, the solitary nature of the occupation, and the lack of good guidance on how to filter through the avalanche of information to know what works and what doesn't. Due to these factors, most people enter trading without the crucial skill-sets needed to trade successfully and consistently. They then struggle in their efforts and the problems they face are likely to continue and persist. Although these are indeed exciting times for those who are busy and are interested to work in the trading landscape, the lack of such crucial skill-set is what often hinders most traders to maximize and take advantage of what markets have to offer.

Because the trading system is at the heart of the trading activity, as a solution to this ongoing issue, McAboy devoted his time to develop "Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching", a one-on-one coaching process that provides clients the process, know-how, tools and most importantly the experience to take any trading method they choose and in a very calculated and business-like manner, quickly build a solid and proper trading system based on that method. By focusing on the method of the client's choice, McAboy assures that by the end of his coaching program, any trader would acquire that one skill set that would give them the freedom through trading, wherein the participant will learn to take on any trading method and build a solid, working system around it, properly confirm its viability to meet one's financial goals, and also gain the ability to quickly and confidently adapt to the changing conditions in the market.

The said coaching program follows a strict and specific curriculum that applies to any market and trading method that the client will use. The coaching gives supported and very real confidence to traders pursuing different time frames, strategies or even the different stock, futures or Forex currency trading systems that the participant may create or acquire. This skill-set is very necessary for any self-directed trader, particularly when the market mood or economic climates change and the trader must quickly adapt in a business-like and calculate manner to continue to trade free of fear.

"Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching" clients undergo a four week one-on-one training with Brian McAboy via phone or Skype, and email, which includes an unlimited email support for the rest of the training program and for 90 days that would follow. As the program follows a one-on-one approach, it is time flexible, which means clients can engage in the program during the times and days that best fit their schedules.

McAboy emphasized that's "Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching" is committed to help struggling traders to find their way in the trading landscape and the skill-sets, experience and tools that will give traders the ability to construct a working and profitable trading system that will provide them the confidence to take these methods in the market. "The focal point of our program is to make traders a true trading system master by providing them a cost-effective mentoring that makes them truly independent and able to stand on their own two feet and no longer dependent on anyone else's systems, signals or expertise to trade profitably in the constantly changing world of the financial markets."

About New Ireland Ventures, LLC

Inside Out Trading is accredited by Better Business Bureau and owned by Brian McAboy and New Ireland Ventures, LLC. The company specializes in providing unique and effective resources and coaching in the areas of trading psychology and treating trading as a business. For more information about the "Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching" and their other trading programs, please visit or call Brian McAboy at (803) 381-8282.

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