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Northwich, Cheshire United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 13, 2007 -- Male hair loss is a common problem faced by over half of men and in various age groups. It has been seen that hair generally lives for approximately five years and if they are not replaced regularly then, gradually, bald areas in the head appear. According to the dermatologists, this is a long and lengthy process and also the age at which you start losing you hair does not necessarily provide any clues as to how long it will be until you define yourself as bald.

Male hair loss [] can occur due to various reasons but the most widespread reason is heredity. It has been also seen that generally males start losing hair between the ages of about 20 to 45 and if you are falling in this bracket then you are possibly affected by male pattern baldness. In male pattern baldness hair loss normally starts in different areas but is usually at the temples. Also the majority of men are genetically predisposed to male hair loss and it is also due to the effect of hormones on the hair follicle that results in hair loss.

There is a hormone known as testosterone, which is present in high levels in males after puberty. This is slowly converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT []) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. And finally, DHT leaves an adverse affect on the hair follicles finally resulting in male hair loss. Also the gluttony of DHT can even cause inflammation of the scalp. In this, initially hair production goes down and starts producing scrawny and shorter hair. Sometimes it also stops hair growth from the follicle completely and unless this process is stopped then it will steadily deplete the stock of hair.

It’s true male hair loss can occur due to various reasons but now with various hair loss medications it can be curbed too. If you are experiencing male hair loss caused by your own immune system attacking your hair follicles it will show as itchy, red or inflamed scalp. If this occurs then this is the time to go for Super Oxide Dismutase treatments or SOD's. SOD’s make sure that the level of Super Oxides is not only reduced but also finally stopped.

Apart from SOD’s,DHT inhibitors are also one of the best medications used for stopping male hair loss. DHT inhibitors actually reduce or inhibit the levels of DHT. But when DHT is teamed with Anti-Androgens it stops the binding of DHT to the Androgen receptors, which therefore stops the hair follicle being damaged.

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