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Ahmadabad, Gujarat India (PressExposure) May 05, 2011 -- Outsourcing to offshore companies helps US companies save a lot of time, effort and money, but many shy away from this option because they are not sure they can trust and rely upon companies outside US. Tri-Force's reputation for dependability and its presence in US has allowed it to find favor with number of US companies and government organizations.

India is the ideal outsourcing destination for IT companies across the world, and it makes perfect sense for US companies to outsource their software development work to offshore companies. Not only does outsourcing such work save US companies time and money, but it also allows them to concentrate on the key areas of their business. The companies who outsource their work are freed from the hassle of training their staff for new needs that arise as a result of new technology, and they also don't need to make heavy investments in infrastructure.

The only hurdle in the way of outsourcing work is finding a reliable and efficient company that delivers what is needed. Many companies try outsourcing, but one bad experience with outsourcing firms that fail to deliver the solutions or services on time makes them wary of the whole idea. Cheap prices, at times, produce unacceptable software riddled with bugs, and any advantage offered by outsourcing is offset by the flawed products.

Tri-Force, an offshore software development company located in Ahmedabad, India, has been delivering customized solutions to US companies since years, and has built a reputation of dependability and efficiency. Tri-Force has always taken into consideration the concerns of its US clients and this has resulted in its becoming one of the favorite outsourcing companies for many US companies and government organizations.

An official from Tri-Force throws light on the polices that have attracted US companies, "Most of the times, the clients are not too sure of what to expect from an outsourcing firm, and bitter experience tells them not to trust all claims made by an outsourcing company. The fact that they will never see the person they are doing business with makes them a little uncomfortable, and understandably so."

"Tri-Force's top management is present in the US and Tri-Force's sister company is well-established in the US. We also have a very clear idea of the various legal issues that government organizations need to address before they outsource their work, and we take care of all such needs. Our customers can interact with our top management before they award the project, and we provide a detailed outline of how the software development process. With us, they are dealing with real people, and this has made many companies to outsource their software development projects to us."

Tri-Force is aware of its position as a preferred offshore software development company, and it makes sure that its employees are capable of communicating clearly with the client. So Tri-Force employees need to be good at understanding and speaking in English. The company also has strong communication systems that allow the clients to keep in touch with the people working on their projects at any time of the day. The employees work exclusively for the companies and send them daily, weekly or month reports charting out the progress of the project.

These practices have seen Tri-Force become a trusted partner for a number of US companies and organizations. A survey conducted by a Wharton School of Business scholar found out that companies prefer working with Tri-Force because they know that their project will be delivered on time and on-cost.

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