Trusted Greenville, SC Psychic Says Watch Out For Scammers And Fakes

Greenville, SC (PressExposure) March 03, 2009 -- Trusted Greenville psychic, Jason Profit, warns that during these times of economic uncertainty, scammers and fake psychics try to rip off consumers at home and online.

With the economy on everyone's minds, it is a well publicized fact that psychics are busier than ever. Along with the legitimate psychics, there are also unscrupulous people who want to scam the public out of as much money as they can.

While consulting with a trustworthy psychic reader can be very rewarding when you are seeking answers and clarity, it can be difficult to know how to spot a fake. According to Jason, there is an alarming rise of so called "psychics" who are scamming their customers. What is more alarming is that this trend is not only occurring around the globe and online, but right here in Greenville as well.

"Recently one of my regular clients told me that they had visited another local reader to see if she told him the same things I saw for him. This is not unusual. He then went on to ask what I knew about curses. I asked him how much she had told him the curse would cost remove. He told me $500 and that she had asked him how much of a deposit he could put down. I immediately let him in on the fact that he had been scammed." Says Profit

So how do you spot a fake psychic who is trying to scam you? According to Profit - "If your reader tells you that you or your family has a curse, or you have a 'blockage' in your energy that will cost $500 or $1000 to remove... Get up... Call them a scammer and leave while you still have your money. There have been folks scammed out of tens of thousand of dollars in that way. A legitimate psychic will never try and scam you out of thousands of dollars using the curse routine. Another sign of the quality of your reader is how you feel after your reading. If your reader touches on the important issues and you leave with better understanding and clarity, then your reader is most likely legit. If you are more confused afterwards than when you went in, find a trustworth reader. I want the public to be aware and safe."

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