Tungsten, Before and After the Wedding

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 19, 2009 -- Tungsten is one of the many catalysts used today for wedding rings. This is because of the many benefits that jewelers discovered about the material. Aside from the current and traditional materials used for wedding rings such as gold, platinum, white gold, and palladium, tungsten wedding bands have been cited as one of the toughest and strongest wedding rings today. So what made jewelers think that tungsten is perfect as a wedding ring? And why is it that marrying couples are more inclined to buy tungsten wedding bands rather than any kind of wedding rings? Principal Use of Tungsten Before the Wedding

One unique feature of tungsten is its unparalleled durability. Having the highest melting point among all non-alloyed metals, many metallurgists consider the metal as the strongest form of metal around. Though brittle and hard to work in its raw state, its pure form can be easily cut with a hacksaw. The pure form is used mainly in electrical applications, but its many compounds and alloys are used in many applications, most notably with high temperature applications such as in light bulbs, cathode-ray tubes, vacuum tube filaments, heating elements, and rocket engine nozzles. Superalloys containing tungsten, such as Hastelloy and Stellite, are used in turbine blades and wear-resistant parts and coatings.

Also, because of its high density, tungsten are also used in other applications such as in heat sinks, weights, counterweights, ballast keels for yachts, tail ballast for commercial aircraft, and as ballast in race cars for NASCAR and Formula 1. In armaments, tungsten, usually alloyed with nickel and iron or cobalt to form heavy alloys, is used in kinetic energy penetrators as an alternative to depleted uranium but may also be used in cannon shells, grenades and missiles to create supersonic shrapnel.

Tungsten With Weddings

Because of its apparent use and durability for resisting almost all kinds of beatings, jewelers have decided to utilize its benefits on wedding rings. Its density, which is similar to that of gold, allows tungsten wedding bands to be the perfect alternative to gold or platinum wedding rings. Its strong compound is ideal as a wedding ring, a perfect symbol of the strong and everlasting relationship of marrying couples. It’s hypoallergenic, and will not need polishing, which is especially useful in designs with a brushed finish.

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