Tungsten Carbide As Rings

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 03, 2009 -- One ring that became in demand because of its unsurpassed durability and resistance to scratches and damages is the tungsten carbide rings. There are many kinds of rings and jewelry today that could provide the same assurance that tungsten carbide could. Some examples are platinum or the newly introduced material called titanium. However, there are differences between tungsten carbide and platinum or titanium. Platinum could lose its luxurious silvery-white coating and luster after years of wear. Titanium is light for its metallic nature, which loses some of its luxurious feel unlike other jewelry. Also, both platinum and titanium are still vulnerable to scratches whereas tungsten carbide is not.

Tungsten Carbide For Jewelry

One primary use of tungsten carbide rings is for wedding rings. As wedding rings symbolize the relationship shared by the marrying couple, tungsten carbide's durability perfectly symbolizes that kind of relationship - a relationship that will endure all of life's obstacles and road blocks. Other than this symbolism, tungsten carbide is truly the perfect wedding ring that could last for years. Highly resistant to scratches, tungsten carbide's luster or shine would last for a lifetime, unlike platinum. Another reason for its popularity is its hypoallergenic composition.

Gold is another material closely associated with tungsten carbide. This is because gold has the same density as tungsten. The difference is that gold could cause skin irritations or allergies to sensitive skin or to people with allergies associated with yellow alloys such as gold. However this is not limited to gold, platinum and white gold could also cause skin irritations. Tungsten carbide, or even tungsten alone, is known for its hypoallergenic composition that made it popular among people with sensitive skin. Misconceptions

A common misconception held concerning tungsten carbide rings is it cannot be removed in the course of emergency medical treatment, requiring the finger to be removed instead. Emergency rooms and many full-service jewelry repair shops are equipped with jewelers' saws that can cut through tungsten carbide rings without injuring the hand or finger. An easier way to remove tungsten carbide rings is to use a tool such as vice grip style locking pliers.

Many manufacturers of this emerging jewelry material state that the use of a cobalt binder may cause unwanted reactions between the cobalt and the natural oils on human skin. Skin oils cause the cobalt to leach from the material. This is said to cause possible irritation of the skin and permanent staining of the jewelry itself. Many manufacturers now advertise that their jewelry is "cobalt free". This is achieved by replacing the cobalt with nickel as a binder.

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