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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 29, 2009 -- One of the most popular uses of tungsten jewelry around the world today is wedding rings. This is because of the many benefits that tungsten provides for marrying couples. One of which is its known durability and strength while maintaining a luster fit for wedding celebrations. It has even been stated by metallurgists that because of its density, it could be used as a perfect alternative to the expensive gold and platinum, though much tougher at some instances.

The Good

The advantage of tungsten jewelry for wedding rings, as stated above, is its known durability. Principally used for high temperature applications (e.g. light bulb, cathode-ray tube, and vacuum tube filaments, heating elements, and rocket engine nozzles) and heavy duty applications (e.g. turbine blades, high speed steel such as metal cutters, heat sinks, weights, counterweights, ballast keels for yachts, tail ballast for commercial aircraft, and as ballast in race cars for NASCAR, and F1), tungsten is sometimes considered as the toughest known metal around, second to the element carbon.

What makes it more popular compared to gold or platinum is its durability, luster, hypoallergenic structure, and affordability. Gold and platinum are known for their long lasting luster (though platinum may lose its white luster after years of wear). Gold is also known for its durability, but in exchange for its quality (lower carat means higher durability and lower quality). Gold, though a traditional material for wedding rings, could also cause skin irritations, whereas tungsten does not. Other than its durability while maintaining a gorgeous luster, tungsten is also known for its hypoallergenic composition. Gold and platinum are expensive, particularly platinum, whereas tungsten is not.

Because of its toughness, durability, high resilience to scratches and corrosions, and the demand for durable wedding rings that would last for generations, tungsten is now considered among the perfect wedding rings for the marrying couples. The Bad

The only known problem of tungsten jewelry, particularly with wedding rings, is its irreparable state. Because of its durability, jewelers find it very difficult to repair when fractured. Some jewelers would tend to recommend a new one rather than fixing broken tungsten jewelry.

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