Tungsten Ring and Tungsten Carbide Ring

, Florida (PressExposure) April 06, 2009 -- What is the difference between a tungsten ring and a tungsten carbide ring? Both came from a single catalyst and they share some of its properties. However, some dissimilarities are still apparent. Let's first take a look at what tungsten is and what happens when it’s combined with carbide. Aside from Platinum and Titanium, Tungsten is considered one of the toughest form of metals around. It has the highest melting point among all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest among all the elements after carbon. Because it retains its hardness at high temperatures and has a high melting point, elemental tungsten is used in many high-temperature applications, such as light bulb, cathode-ray tube, vacuum tube filaments, heating elements, and rocket engine nozzles. Its toughness also makes it ideal as material for jewelry, especially with rings. What makes a tungsten ring so popular is its use as an alternative to gold and platinum. Its hardness is ideal for resisting everyday wear-and-tear. Its compound makes it hypoallergenic, and will not need any polishing which is very useful for designs with a brushed finish.

Though a tungsten ring has its hardness as proof that it can also be used as a material for jewelry, its downside is that it's just another metal made into a ring. What makes it more suitable in jewelry is when carbide is used in the mixture. The principal use of tungsten carbide is to make wear-resistant abrasives, cutters, knives for drills, circular saws, milling and turning tools used by the metalworking, woodworking, mining, petroleum and construction industries which account for about 60% of current tungsten consumption.

The use of tungsten carbide in jewelry, particularly with wedding rings, became popular because of its fine polished finish and scratch proof properties that could withstand any beating. Its mirror-like shine is able to last a lifetime or for as long the relationship lasts. Also, its lustrous black gloss makes it perfect as a man’s wedding ring. Though tungsten carbide has just been recently used as a wedding ring, many couples have now come to appreciate its sheer magnificence in terms of its toughness, its natural pigmentation, and it's built to last as long love still exists.

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