Tungsten Wedding Rings, Advantages and Myths

3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- One of the most popular and in demand types of wedding rings today are tungsten wedding rings. This is because of its many known benefits rarely found in other kinds of wedding rings such as platinum and gold. Tungsten is known to be the perfect alternative for platinum and gold because of its toughness (known to be tougher than platinum) and long lasting luster (same as that of gold). Also, tungsten is known to have a hypoallergenic compound which makes it one of the most popular types of wedding rings. Another great advantage with a Tungsten wedding ring is when carbon alloy is added, forming a new material called tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is another material used to make wedding rings that exceeds the limitation of ordinary tungsten. Though a normal Tungsten wedding ring alone can withstand some scratches brought forth by everyday wear and tear, it can still become vulnerable to scratches from other forms of metals. But by combining carbon alloy and tungsten, it becomes tougher, shinier, and more luxurious than tungsten alone. It's known to hold its glossy black luster and mirror like shine for years. And because of the added toughness, a tungsten wedding ring can last as long as the relationship lasts. But other than its advantages, there are several myths surrounding the use of wedding rings made from tungsten. One of which involves surgery.

Tungsten Wedding Rings Leading to Amputation

A common misconception held concerning tungsten carbide rings is that they cannot be removed in the course of emergency medical treatment, requiring the finger to be removed instead. This was one of the many reasons why couples wouldn't want a Tungsten wedding ring as their choice of wedding ring. This myth subsided when doctors and jewelry shops have stated their comment on that myth.

Emergency rooms and many full-service jewelry repair shops are equipped with jewelers' saws that can cut through tungsten carbide rings without injuring the patient when the ring cannot be slipped off easily. Due to the hardness of these rings standard ring cutters are unable to cut tungsten carbide rings. Tungsten carbide rings can be removed in an emergency situation by cracking them into pieces with tooling such as standard vice grip–style locking pliers.

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