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Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) April 20, 2006 -- ATLANTA, GA, APRIL 20, 2006: A new wave of spiritual bliss hit the Atlanta area as Denna Shelton released her new meditation DVD to local bookstores last month. Twenty Gems, Journey to the Self (VIP Productions, Inc., Douglasville, GA), is the answer to people’s most prevalent excuse for not meditating: I don’t have TIME! If you have eleven minutes to watch a DVD on your computer or TV, you can face the day calm and rejuvenated. You can even treat yourself to a journey meditation on the go with your laptop in the car or on a plane. It’s the perfect meditation tool for the movers and shakers of the new millennium!

Denna Shelton has been journaling as a form of meditation for many years. She says that quieting her mind and getting in touch with the higher aspect of herself allows beautiful messages to spill forth through her writing. It’s from her personal journaling and deep desire to help others, that she has authored and produced Twenty Gems, Journeys to the Self. These DVD journey meditations combine beautiful, nature scenery and awe-inspiring animation with relaxing music and positive affirmations that touch the soul with truth, love, peace, joy, and health.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Denna Shelton is an inspiration to others in the field of health and fitness. Her innovative and intuitive approach to whole body wellness incorporates her knowledge of physical fitness with alternative healing practices to compassionately meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of her clients. Following her desire to remind people that they are a beautiful and unique expression of the Creator, Denna began Twenty Gems, Journeys to the Self over a year ago as a book with a meditative CD of music and affirmations. The project evolved into a magnificent multimedia journey of focused meditations sure to be a channel of healing wisdom.

Author and Producer Denna Shelton doesn’t craft her art alone. She has teamed with Artist Charlie Case and Musician John Serrie to create a production with a stunning variety of images, music and affirmations that interact seamlessly. All of his life, Charlie Case has been bombarded with intense visions and lucid dreams, which reveal phenomenal futuristic scenes and residual visions of the past. From a very young age, he knew he would have to find a way to bring his mental pictures into a tangible form for others to see. Charlie’s career path from musician to computer guru led him to acquire knowledge and necessary skills to bring his dreams into reality. Through Charlie Case, Denna was introduced to John Serrie's music which she found to be a perfect match to the feeling she wanted to create with the visuals and positive affirmations. The joint endeavor of the trio plays an important role in presenting a positive message to the world while fulfilling the destiny and dreams of all three artists.

When asked why she took on this project, Denna stated, “After many years of over-analytical thinking, I realized I needed a more balanced life. Creating a more peaceful world begins with the Self; however, I found traditional forms of meditation somewhat frustrating and very time consuming. I wanted to create an easy, quick and effective tool to help people unwind, relax, and get in touch with their Higher Self.”

Once the project is completed, there will be five DVDs in the Twenty Gem series. Each DVD will contain four 11-minute meditations. Volume I, which contains I AM Truthful, I AM Harmonious, I AM Joyful, and I AM at Peace was successfully released in the Atlanta area last month. Many bookstores stores are running the DVD all day long. One of the store managers said, "Once a customer makes eye contact with the production, it is an automatic sale." Volume 2 will be released later this year.

Those who have viewed the DVD are giving positive feedback about the benefits they are receiving from the production. These beautiful testimonials are from all walks of life regardless of age, religion, gender or demographics.

  • Twenty Gems is an incredible life-changing masterpiece. It is exactly what I have been seeking.
  • The spiritual experience the DVDs provide is not limited to adults. My grandchildren (5 and 3 yrs.) were both oohing and ahhing, totally engrossed in the scenery and beautiful music for the entire eleven minutes. I've never seen them so fascinated!
  • "As a Type A personality, I never sit still. When I put Twenty Gems into my television, I became so engrossed and relaxed I could not walk away.
  • I have used Twenty Gems for dinner parties on my plasma television as a moving art and musical backdrop. It creates a beautiful, relaxing environment."
  • "I kept the DVD running the whole time I was cleaning house. It took my mind off a dreaded chore and turned it into a beautiful experience".
  • My two-and-half-month-old nephew is a very colicky baby who cries a lot. I placed him in front of our television with Twenty Gems and he went from a fussy state to cooing with delight. He watched the whole 44 minutes!
  • I took the day off for spiritual renewal and began the day with Twenty Gems. I thought it would take the entire day to become restored. Instead, it happened within minutes of watching and listening to Twenty Gems. This is an amazing tool for healing and restoration.
  • When I am feeling particularly anxious while working on my job, I play Twenty Gems on my laptop in the background. It helps keep me centered, relaxed and focused. I am much more productive in completing my tasks.
  • Denna’s voice is melodious and relaxing and the affirmations stay with you for hours.

The possibilities for Twenty Gems, Journeys to the Self are limitless. Shelton plans to reach health facilities, mind/body/spirit practitioners, daycares and nurseries, airlines, plasma TV sales outlets, and the corporate market with her promotion plan. Twenty Gems will be featured in New Leaf Distribution Center’s spring catalogue and Shelton is scheduled for an Internet radio interview on on May 17, 2006. Denna recently signed a licensing agreement with Harmony Channel Network, a new video-on-demand Comcast station. As of June 12, 2006, nine-million viewers will be exposed to Twenty Gems. The network is also a distributor and will be providing digital downloads of her DVD.

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