Twenty Years of Torturous Headaches Led This Tenacious Businessman to Overnight Success With His Migraine Prevention Formula.

Melbourne, Victoria Australia (PressExposure) January 17, 2008 -- Conservative estimates reveal that approximately 5 to 10 percent of the world's population suffers from migraines or serious headaches. These overwhelming statistics led International businessman Brian-Jacques: and his friend/business partner Michael-Richard: to launch a new website in an effort to assist and aid the many millions of migraine and headache sufferers around the globe.

Brian had suffered from acute migraines for over twenty years, during which time he experimented with many types of prescription medications; anything to relieve his symptoms; but unfortunately, the side effects were becoming detrimental to his overall health and well being, therefore prompting him to explore other options.

Brian vowed not to join the growing conveyor belt of pharmaceutical dependence, and tenaciously pursued the answer to this crippling affliction. He was determined to find a remedy using only safe and natural methods.

You can only imagine his excitement and relief when he finally found the "solution" he had been searching for, for years. His determination to find a remedy to his ongoing pain and suffering had finally been answered. And now, he wants to share it with other migraine sufferers due to the life changing results he has experienced. He finally has his life back!

Brian credits multiple factors in finding his success in becoming migraine free. Along the journey, he discovered a specially contoured pillow, manufactured from 'memory foam,' a special material developed for NASA's Apollo space program, and has learned the immense importance of correct bodily posture during sleep.

He also found that a very special and flexible cold therapy pack is an essential tool to tackle the early onset of a migraine attack.

However, it was the nutritional side of the equation, which finally allowed Brian to be completely rid of the migraines for good. He painstakingly researched for many years, eventually resulting in the development of a 'secret formula'. This formula consists of an herb, mineral and vitamin, which combined at the correct dosage level, has allowed Brian and as many others as he could inform, to live migraine and serious headache free.

These three key supplements in combination with a specifically cold extracted juice of a berry grown in the Himalayan regions have turned Brian's life around. He said, "Many people are unaware of the life enhancing effects of these readily available and wonderful natural supplements. Headaches can NOW be dispatched forever!"

Since then Brian, Michael and the team have produced a book explaining how any sufferer can follow their example and control the 'migraine monster'. Best of all, it can free sufferers from the probability of side effects from long-term use of prescription drugs. All is revealed in their book, which, for a limited time is offered as a complimentary introduction to their new website, and is electronically downloadable.

For more information on migraines and to purchase the wonderful and natural products to rid yourself of the suffering, please visit us at and discover for yourself the amazing results to this all natural approach to preventative maintenance.

At we dont take a band aid approach to this ailment like many websites, nor do we promote the latest and greatest cure that leave so many people frustrated - we work with you to ensure that through proper preventative measures you will rid yourself of migraines and headaches forever.

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Brian Jacques & Michael Richard
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