Twin Towers II in New Jersey?

New York, New York (PressExposure) April 14, 2009 -- Almost eight years after the 9/11 attacks, headlines have put a spotlight on the World Trade Center. Dropping the name “Freedom Tower” the same week that the Port Authority signed its first private tenant, Vantone, gave the appearance that it was done to please the mainland Chinese company. That was just the latest in a non-stop series of pitfalls and embarrassments at Ground Zero. Now, the private developer wants a bailout package for the faltering project, which is riddled with engineering problems. Jim Riches, a retired Deputy Chief of the FDNY whose firefighter son died on 9/11, called the name change “another example of the arrogance and audacity of the Port Authority.” He went on to disclose that the annual price tag for just maintaining the memorial is a reported $40 million. “For us to waste all that money – we’re looking for something simple, and that will be respectful, and it will be the right kind of tribute to our sons and the people that died that day. Hopefully, someone will step up and take charge. Right now, there‘s no leader that‘s stepping up.”

After being promised a direct line to President Obama, Chief Riches and other prominent 9/11 family members went on national television inviting the President to come and see for himself what was taking place at ground zero and to encourage him to evaluate the proposed Twin Towers II project. “It wasn’t New York, and Washington and Pennsylvania that were attacked – it was America.” Twin Towers II is seen by many family members, as well as industry leaders, as the solution to everything that is currently wrong with the development. The White House’s response to their appeal was: “It appears that this is an issue that should be resolved by state and local government officials.”

State and local officials have demonstrated how out of touch they are. Since Donald Trump introduced Twin Towers II and its creator Kenneth Gardner to the world back in 2005, all the media polls have shown Twin Towers II with at least 70% support. A current MSNBC online poll is running at 90%. When Mr. Trump endorsed the project in classic Trump style – by housing the half-million dollar, 10-foot high model in Trump Tower’s lobby for over a month, he said that “People would come by and touch the towers reverently with tears in their eyes. How powerful.” When he went on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews he said: “I’d rather see nothing than what they are building. If we rebuild the Twin Towers a story taller and stronger we win. We have a great opportunity.”

Four years later, fed up with battling the never-ending politics in New York, Twin Towers II is now securing a home in Jersey City, New Jersey. “Do a handful of people determine our destiny or do the American people?” Gardner asks. With a newly formed team and set of plans in hand, Gardner looks to make New Jersey the state that leads the country out of the economic crisis. The Twin Towers II project will immediately create over 35,000 jobs, while said to bring healing to our nation as the world-famous icons rise in the metropolitan skyline. “This is a chance for Americans to create their own stimulus” says Gardner. “There is no doubt the whole world has been watching to see what our response to the attacks will be. Put the people in charge and let’s show them all what Americans can do.”

The “Rebuild America Today” campaign is underway and headed up by Katapult Enterprises. “All it will take is a few A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to take this to heart – and, of course, the right developers” says ZoeLena Shuster, President and founder of Katapult Enterprises. Shuster has been an Agent for multi-platinum artists in both secular music and faith-based genres and believes that the appeal of this effort uniquely crosses all demographics. She is currently representing Tyka Nelson, Prince’s only full-blooded sibling, Lee Davis, Spike Lee’s protégé, Teddy Riley’s daughter and Humble Tip, hailing from the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, to name a few. Shuster has advised some of the world’s most influential people and is known as “The Confidential Coach.” “Our goal is to raise awareness and gain the support of diverse cultures and faiths, pop-culture and celebrities”. ZoeLena is confident that when investors like Ted Turner and Warren Buffet look at this they will see the next big thing. “It sells itself. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and just what our country needs.” For more information visit

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