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Fayetteville, NC (PressExposure) April 14, 2008 -- tyBit®, (www.tyBit.com) the worlds fastest growing internet search application, announced today the release of its newest beta version. “We expect to be completely done with beta by May 2008,” said Sean McCoy, CMO of tyBit. “Then we go live and are looking at six to seven figures a month in online ad revenue.” Following months of development and user feedback, this latest release delivers cleaner, faster, and more relevant search results than ever before. The developers at tyBit® have addressed all known issues and have re-released the search application with significant improvements in performance. Several specific enhancements to this new release include the addition of new Shop feature sources – Pricegrabber and CNET shopper, and a new web source—ASK.com.

Another great new feature is “Did you mean?” spell correction. If you mis-spell a word, tyBit® will suggest a search that may help you find the results you want across several search engines. Need webmail? tyBit® introduces tyBit Mail – anyone can now sign up for their personal tyMail account today. Want More? tyBit® remembers your most recent searches with auto completion just like a browser. tyBit® is the first meta search that remembers previous searches and helps you find those searches again. Additionally, tyBit® is now crawling and storing its own web data and returning its own search results which are integrated with the other engines. It learns and adapts to the users preferences. Additional features include better reliability in Firefox toolbar, the engines tab in the options menu now displays images showing which selected engines will be searched, plus, tyBit® accepts Boolean search terms, and properly displays non-English characters. Hablo espanol ? So does tyBit®.

tyBit® recently announced the continuation, through beta phase, of its free advertising program. During the Beta phase, ads are displayed on a run-of-site basis including video ads. Now any business can have a television–style commercial running on the search application and it won’t cost a penny. This Free advertising offer allows businesses to reallocate resources that were earmarked for internet advertising, and use those resources in other areas toward growing their business. tyBit® understands the needs of businesses from small to Enterprise. “We created tyBit® from scratch out of frustration with click fraud, affiliate models and other PPC models that encourage the online cheating of advertisers. After a lot of late hours and pizza deliveries, it feels like we are giving birth,” said Army veteran Clarence E. Briggs, III, CEO of web hosting company AIT http://www.AIT.com.

“Making the decision to step down from the day to day operations of AIT, the company I started in my garage 12 years ago and which is now headquartered in a 93,000 square foot data center complex, was a difficult one, but I needed to give that same level of energy and commitment to tyBit® ,” Briggs continued. Making difficult decisions comes as second nature to Briggs. The retired infantry Major led troops into battle in Panama and in Operation Dessert Storm. Henry Alvarado of US Sports Media in Miami, Fl says “ tyBit® provides my company all the necessary tools needed to satisfy our customers’ needs and to deliver quality products and services at the best prices using the shop function. We also wish to generate maximum revenue from the tyBit® search application and will become an affiliate once their partner module goes live so we can monetize our website traffic.”

Downloading the newest version is simple. Just click on www. tyBit® .com and chose the ‘download tyBit®’ link. In less than a minute, tyBit® is loaded and ready to search. With the latest release, user security is a tyBit® priority. Company officials have announced a partnership with Panda Security, one of the world's leading Information Security companies. tyBit® just added another search tool to its arsenal of growing user benefits that allows users to search, surf, shop and compare for the best deals. Not only does it search multiple engines, protect your privacy, accelerate searching and provide users with fresh content based on preferences, it allows them to shop the web. “I actually asked my mother what she wanted in a search engine for this one,” said Michael Roberts, CIO and head of technology for tyBit®. “We really are trying to make the user experience feature packed. We now search several engines and directories so tyBit® users can shop for items and compare pricing and terms of service, this is truly one-stop-shopping.” Company officials also indicate that they expect to conduct an initial round of funding for tyBit® by end of second quarter 2008. “We want to be up and running with cash flow before we access the capital markets,” said Briggs. “We have plenty of suitors standing by ready to invest and I want to give them more than an idea. I want them to hit a home run.”

tyBit® is affiliated with AIT (www.AIT.com) a web hosting and domain registration company that has achieved 12 straight years of sustained profitability and has generated $100s of millions in revenue while creating a profound economic influence on its surrounding community. AIT has been named 2 times to the Inc. 500 list of fast growing firms, 3 times to the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 list, and has been previously named as the NC Entrepreneur Firm of the Year. Additionally, Briggs recently returned from Washington, DC after briefing Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr about the formation of the Briggs- tyBit Charitable Foundation for Education. The mission of the foundation is to provide 30 to 40 % of tyBit® ™’s gross revenues to fund education in North Carolina.

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