Types Of Wedding Rings That Marrying Couples Can Choose From

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 22, 2009 -- Marrying couples nowadays have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to wedding rings. Aside from the traditional gold wedding rings, couples can choose from Platinum wedding rings, white gold rings, Palladium rings, and the newly introduced wedding rings such as the Titanium wedding ring and the Tungsten wedding ring.

Platinum, White Gold, And Palladium wedding rings

Platinum, white gold, and palladium are some of the best wedding rings when it comes to styles that fit a woman's taste. This is because of their color, which best describes the purity of a woman's love - white. But which among the three is best?

Platinum, though one of the oldest, is still considered by many jewelers as the number one choice. This is because platinum possesses a luxurious silvery-white luster and incredible. Despite being expensive and able to lose its white luster after several years of use, many couples are still opting to use platinum as their wedding ring simply because of its elegance. durability.

White gold, on the other hand, is gaining popularity because of its affordability compared to platinum. Even though it loses its own luster much faster than platinum, its price still makes it an attractive and practical option for couples.

Palladium, unlike gold, is said to be much stronger and tougher than platinum. Palladium itself has been used as a precious metal for jewelry since 1939, as an alternative to platinum or white gold. Its natural white properties exempt it from the need to undergo rhodium plating. It is slightly whiter, much lighter and about 12% harder than platinum and yet, just like gold, palladium can be beaten into a thin leaf form as thin as 100 nm. Unlike platinum, however, palladium may discolor at high soldering temperatures, become brittle with repeated heating and cooling, and react with strong acids.

Titanium and Tungsten wedding ring

New in the market of wedding rings, titanium and tungsten are known for the greatest durability among all wedding ring types.

Titanium, also known as the space age metal, is known for its lightweight properties despite being unbelievably durable. It is so tough that it is used for jet engines, missiles, aircrafts and more. However, because of its comparably lighter weight, titanium made wedding rings do not convey the same sense of luxury as other wedding rings.

Tungsten, on the other hand, is principally used for high temperature and high speed applications such as jet engine nozzles and ballasts for NASCAR and FORMULA 1.

Tungsten wedding ring and titanium wedding rings are much more bulky in features. They are heavy, and they possess a gunmetal gray color which makes them perfect as a man's wedding ring.

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