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Cebu City, Philippines (PressExposure) May 27, 2008 -- It’s common to see ads everywhere. You see them in TV, billboards, internet, and you hear them in radio. Buying or selling anything is very easy nowadays with the prevalence of many free ads Philippines companies. All you have to do is sign up with a free ads Philippines company and you’re ready to start your own ad and sell.

An advertising school of thought believes that there are 12 types of ads. Whether you’re planning to sign up with a free ads Philippines company or hire a professional advertising company, learning all about these 12 types of ads can be of great help in making your ad sell.

* Demo. Many TV and internet advertisements use this type of advertising. It is often a visual’s demonstration of a product’s capability. There are even TV channels solely dedicated to advertisements that show demos of how to use the product.

* Show the Problem. This format presents the problem and then offers a solution, which is the product or service they are advertising.

* Symbolize the Problem. This form of advertising has become more popular with the advent of computers and digital graphics. With this type of advertising, a symbol, analogy, or exaggerated graphic is employed to represent the problem.

* Comparison. This kind of advertising is also very common. It’s the usual ‘our brand is better than brand x’ type of ad. The ad often claims that the featured product is superior to those of its competitors.

* Exemplary Story. Ads of this type showcase a situation where the product will be useful and beneficial.

* Benefit Causes Story. An ad like this tells a back-to-front story. It shows a trail of events caused by using the product.

* Testimonial. In ads of this type, a person gives a testimonial of how good the product is. The person can be any normal-looking person that can be anyone’s neighbor or friend, or a celebrity.

* Ongoing characters and celebrities. Ads of this type aim to cement a brand’s identity into the viewer’s brain by using a recurring character or celebrity.

* Symbolize the Benefit. This format presents the benefits of the product using a symbol, analogy, or exaggerated graphics.

* Associated User Imagery. Ads like this showcase the type of people it hopes you’ll associate with the product.

* Unique Personality Property. These ads highlight something indigenous to the product that will make it stand out.

* Parody or Borrowed Format. This type of ads parody movies, TV shows, and sometimes, other ads.

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