UBuildIt Systems Teaches Owner Builders How To Manage Their Own Remodeling Or New Home Construction Project

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UBuildIt Systems teaches Owner Builders how to manage their own remodeling or new home construction project

UBuildIt Systems teaches Owner Builders how to manage their own remodeling or new home construction project

(Redmond, Washington June, 2011) - There have always been people who want to take on the task of managing their own new home or remodeling project to save money and get just the home they want.

For over 20 years UBuildIt has been helping those families across America by teaching them how to manage their own building or remodeling projects themselves, providing professional guidance, integrated systems, manuals and resources to help them do it successfully and avoid making costly mistakes.

For years people in areas without a local UBuildIt office have been asking if there is a published system they could buy to help them build or remodel their homes. Up until now the answer has always been no, so in response to that outcry, http://www.ubuilditsystems.com was established in March of 2011 to deliver an inexpensive system for them to utilize.

Chuck Warrender, who originally founded UBuildIt in 1988 and is the founder of UBuildIt Systems says, "The philosophy has not changed, owner-builders are much better off working with local, seasoned professionals who know the local market and have connections with local subcontractors and suppliers and who are readily available to help.

However, there are many parts of the country where UBuildIt does not have offices and there are people remodeling and building in those areas that need professional help. That's why we established ubuilditsystems.com. Those folks who want to manage their own new construction or remodeling project now have the same manuals, budgeting and scheduling tools, etc., that are used in the UBuildIt program available to them via download from the internet."

In March of this year, with the co-operation of UBuildIt, UBuildItSystems.com was launched to provide a published system that Owner-Builders can successfully use on their own.

"We believe these systems will definitely save them time and money and help them greatly minimize the mistakes that are all too often learned the hard way." Warrender says.

About UBuildIt Systems - UBuildIt Systems was started as an outgrowth of UBuildIt. The two are separate companies but are related in that they work together for the common good of Owner-Builders in America.

An Owner-Builder who is looking for a proven system to help them manage their construction project, whether it is a new home or a remodel, needs to look no further. UBuildIt Systems is available to Owner-Builders only in areas where there is no UBuildIt office to directly assist them.

The UBuildIt Systems New home construction package includes a 65 page Planning Manual, a 186 page Construction Manual, budgeting, cost accounting, scheduling and communication tools, etc. The Remodeling package has the Planning Manual and Construction Manual blended together as one along with the same budgeting, scheduling and communications tools. All systems are available as a downloadable product. Visit http://www.ubuilditsystems.com to see if this service is available in your market.

About UBuildIt - UBuildIt has offices in over 20 states and growing. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, UBuildIt is the largest residential construction consulting company in America today and has assisted over 11,000 Owner-Builder families.

About UBuildItSystems

UBuildIt Systems - Chuck's Story

I started my construction career in 1976 as a young project manager for a large custom home builder. I learned that the best way to avoid mistakes is to rely on the expertise and experience of others. After a few years I decided to start my own construction company and became a very successful custom home builder and remodeler. During this time I observed a lot of the families who were managing their own building projects and of course making many costly mistakes.

In 1987 I decided to develop a system to help these families. I knew that without an organized program and a systematic approach these families would definitely be learning the hard way,which is a very expensive education. I realized the best way to run a successful project was to plan ahead and make sure everything was clear with a good game plan in place before construction started. So, in January of 1988 I started to market my new company.

At that time no one had ever heard of a residential building consultant and I found myself blazing a new trail and to my surprise many people were interested.

For over a decade I ran this successful consulting business in the Pacific Northwest and the demand for this service continued to grow. So, in 1998 I began franchising the UBuildIt service and in the process became the largest residential construction consulting company in America with professional offices in over 20 states and over 11,000 projects worth billions of dollars.

No other company has done what UBuildIt has done. In the last 23 years our entire focus has been on assisting owner builders and no one else has the amount of experience and knowledge in the owner builder industry than us. Visit UBuildItSystems.com today!

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