UPSonNet Helps Uninterruptible Power Supply Buyers to Decide UPS Type Make and Source

Miami, FL (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- UPSonNet, a leading Power Protection source, launches UPS Products Directory which enables buyers looking to for UPS systems to select the right product for the needed application, consult and compare specifications, and contact a professional supplier servicing user's location.

UPSonNet reviewed the ability of buyers to select on the Internet, an Online UPS for data center application in North American market, by considering main search and sales engines, as well as directories of manufacturers and suppliers.

Results of the review indicate, that in spite (or because), of the enormous quantity of material presented on the internet, someone looking for information to enable performing a simple market research before buying a proper UPS, is left after spending hours on the net, with very limited knowhow. Too tiny to make a decision, or give a feeling of reasonable and justified decision. More information about the review is provided on company's August newsletter titled: Procuring UPS Systems on the Web.

To provide a solution, a decision was accepted to present on UPSonNet's website a directory of UPS systems. The directory includes systems offered by industry main manufacturers according to different topologies and locations.

Extensive knowhow concerned with UPS selection is already presented on company's website. Including, selection guides, explaining how to size and specify a proper system for a particular application, market prices, buying tips and more. The said directory closes the loop, by enabling a buyer, after specifying requirements, to make a comprehensive decision which product to buy and from whom.

The first directory category, Rack Mount Online Single phase 120V UPS systems , is already presented on UPSonNet website.

The trigger to start with Rack Mounted systems comes from recent requirements for green servers. New servers, in order to comply with latest standards, such as Energy Star, should increase efficiency and eliminate grid polluting harmonics, by correcting server's power factor from existing figure of 0.7 up to 0.95 at full load.

These standards require UPS buyers to pay attention, particularly with Online systems, not only to the UPS VA rating but also to UPS wattage rating, in order to ascertain that both exceed respective load requirements. A standard 1000VA UPS designed to support 700Watt load, is now requested to support 950 Watt Load.

Most systems however specify in sales literature only VA figure. In numerous cases, additional digging is required, to reveal products Wattage rating.

To provide a simple, fast and comprehensive ability to see at a glance, both the forest and the trees, UPSonNets directory presents a table of category systems from main manufacturers, indicating sizes of individual systems both in VA and Watts.

Each individual system links directly to proper Manufacturer's specification data sheet, providing essential technical data, such as efficiency, size, and backup time, needed to compare systems and check conformance to needed requirements.

In addition, contact information is provided for each system type, to a local professional company concluding the purchase or consultation if required.

About UPSonNet

UPSonNet is an Information Source operating since 2006 from USA (now also from Israel), providing information about Power Protection and Power UPS field. It's website includes also Selection guides, UPS Industry Prices, most extensive UPS-Glossary and Essential UPS News which update about important industry products, developments and trends. For More information about this PR, visit: UPSonNet.

Meir Portnoy
Miami, FL

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