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Boston, MA (PressExposure) April 03, 2014 -- Ed Hennessy - CEO - Performance Marketing Group indicated that his firm was recently interviewed by UR Business Network with emphasis on the breakthrough book titled, "Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors" that Hennessy authored.

The book has been endorsed by Jay Conrad Levinson - the Father of Guerrilla Marketing and cites notable references in various chapters to Jack Welch, Donald Trump and Peter Drucker to reinforce key points.

Paul Jensen discovered Hennessy and the book through a LinkedIn blog seeking commentary from Industry Thought Leaders that had authored books, which supports the Writer's Cafe segment sponsored by UR Business Network.

Paul Jensen is noted for digging in and did a thorough analysis of the book, before interviewing Hennessy.

Jensen set the stage for the interview, by expressing to his listening audience that they were in for a rare treat, given the nature of what PMG does and the value of the Market Warfare book, particularly in this tough-as-nails, Market Economy, which challenges companies to look at new ways of conducting business.

Jensen's questions were delivered comfortably, although they were designed to extract and, at times, challenge Hennessy to provide real-world, examples of how the approaches and techniques outlined in the book made a difference and generated results.

The interview was well-balanced and allowed Hennessy to discuss the application of the book to client programs and experiences.

Hennessy refers to the book, as a "Marketing Cookbook," an Instruction Guide that focuses on how to design, develop and implement effective Market Programs, with the underbelly of Market Warfare fundamentals. Hennessy also referenced how PMG is evolving its Market Programs experience to translate what it has learned and applied through "ready-to-implement kits" that will allow small-to-medium, sized firms to now have access and take advantage of this impactive material. The kits will be introduced in early 2014, with emphasis on several key, business areas:
Product Launch/Roll-Out Programs
Competitive Attack Campaigns
Positioning Fundamentals
Target Action Planning - linking Strategy to Tactics to achieve results

Jensen was intrigued with Hennessy's input and referenced how valuable these programs are in today's fierce and competitive market.

Hennessy's closing comment is that what drove him to author the book was an insatiable itch to write it and share the content with other Industry Associates to make a difference and contribute to their Marketing effectiveness.

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