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Saint Charles, IL (PressExposure) August 11, 2009 -- Over the last decade, as a means to save money, companies have been outsourcing their helpdesk and call center functions. Lower wages in other parts of the world led to the practice of off-shoring but that trend is now slowly shifting to a new model called homeshoring. Widely available broadband Internet, and Internet based telephone systems are the key components that allow at-home workers to collaborate in this new model. Homeshoring is taking hold in the U.S. where computers and broadband access are the norm. The economic problems being faced all over the world is also playing a part in this accelerated adoption. The availability of qualified people, in the U.S, able to work from home has jobs moving back.

Fox River Networks in St. Charles, IL has been pushing these technologies to the edge for the last three years to provide their clients with nationwide remote computer repairs. We have learned a great deal from the success of our program and now are taking this one step further. Many highly skilled U.S. based technology workers are without jobs as a result of the economy. Some are now working for themselves to make a living. Self employment in any field is difficult but in technology it is especially hard. The variety of disciplines that exists and the rapid pace of change makes it impossible to keep up with all of it. Large companies have the luxury of employing large staffs that can divide their attention onto specific areas of focus. Technology workers often collaborate in business environments and divide the tasks based on skills. Even support staff will have tiered organizational levels that respond to different problems. When you go to work for yourself you loose the combined intellectual capital that was available to assist you in your old job. You are left to your own resources.

There is no doubt in my mind that putting people in the U.S. back to work will help our economy. Working for yourself may be a life long dream or a temporary necessity, but it is where many people I know are at today. I wanted to create a better opportunity for everyone to succeed in, by starting an association of people with complimentary skills. USA Live Help is a nationwide association of independent computer technicians that choose to work together to accomplish similar goals. We share an Internet based phone system and remote support console that simulate working from the same location. Each business solicits his own work individually and also benefits as a result of promoting the association in general. We teach and learn from each other. This is not a get rich quick scheme for computer technicians. This is a group of people that care about each other and the goals we are working towards. We have made every effort to keep our membership fees and common customer prices as low as possible. Building this is something that I felt was important to do, something that I knew I could be proud of and something that I truly hope will last.

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