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Vic Pichette owner of U.S.B.S. says, "US Bar Spotters is similar to "Bar Rescue".

Pichette and his company have been working with restaurants, nightclubs and bars for over 20-years, helping owners find out why they are losing money, and working with them to fix the problem areas.

"Our biggest concern is poor customer service and poor customer retention says Pichette. Without customers, you are out of business, so it is important that we not only find tangible losses such as theft, over-pouring liquor, employees drinking on the job and giveaways, but also finding major losses due to poor customer service, poor food quality and a low customer experience. Once we find out the problem areas, we then work with owners to fix the areas that need improvement."

Pichette acknowledges that because the economy is slow, business at U.S.B.S. has picked up considerably. "Every cent counts in this economy and our clients are finding that they can no longer afford to lose money or customers. We are facing one of the worse economies, customers have hundreds of different choices to choose from, and big corporate companies are taking a big piece of the pie. Pichette says, "if you include escalating food and beverage costs, higher taxes and fewer customers, and it can be too much for most companies to handle. In most cases ownership is overwhelmed by the financial losses that they find it difficult to get the most important things under control, that's where we step in. We covertly assess the entire business over several days to a week, and we make a written assessment and meet with the owners to go over our assessment and recommendations. From that point forward, owners have the option to have us help them make the necessary changes. We can meet with the staff and go over our findings and future changes. We then bring in our experts to help make the necessary changes." Pichette explains that every client that he has worked with puts thousands of dollars back into the owners' pockets. The value of the service is amazing and in many cases they actually save a company from going out of business.

On a recent assessment, Pichette says that they found that the client was losing over $125,000 dollars per year in losses, and with three basic changes, the owners were able to put that money back in their pockets. Pichette's company has a motto: "Our client's success is a direct result of our success. If you use our services and fail...then we failed with you, and that is not acceptable."

What makes Pichette's business unique from all other hospitality consulting agencies is his background as the owner of a professional private detective agency called Genesis Investigations. Pichette says, "For over 20-years I have been assessing hospitality businesses from the perspective of an investigator looking for areas of losses. However what has made us so unique, is the ability to look at a business from the outside in and knowing instinctively what the customer expects when visiting an establishment."

Pichette says, "What makes our assessments so valuable is that we have an amazing ability to see the business from the perspective of an everyday customer. To see a business from the customer's perception is the most valuable tool we can give our clients, and with our experience with writing reports for over 25-years for the legal world, we bring that accurate, and first person reports to our clients. There are no cookie-cutter checklists or mystery shopping reports. We can also use our covert video cameras to capture the assessment on video for the clients to use as a training tool. Pichette and company can also travel nationwide if needed. U.S.B.S. is ready to assist our clients, no matter where it takes us."

If you would like to contact U.S. Bar Spotters for a free consultation, please feel free to visit our web site at [] or call 401-225-4104.

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