US Climbers in Dire Need of Rescue Assistance After Political Unrest Leaves the Team Stranded in the Mountains Without Supplies

Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) July 15, 2014 -- John Beebe, a International Leading Youth Motivational Speaker, aka "The Climber Guy," and his team of climbers became stranded in the mountains of Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia when their local guides abandoned them due to political unrest among the remote villagers who seek independence.

After preparing for months, John and his team climbed the mountain of Carstenz Pyramid in Indonesia, one of the "Seven Summits" which describes the tallest peaks on each continent. After reaching the summit, in the remote areas of the country where cannibalism was practiced a few as 50 years ago, the porters accompanying them abandoned the climbers stealing their food, water, and supplies.

These porters, local tribesmen, were hired to assure safe travels throughout the hostile lands. However, with the outbreak of political unrest in response to a highly contested election where local groups seek independence, the climbers were now on their own in peril.

With local tribes warring with other tribes, against outside forces, and among themselves, in addition to the lack of supplies, the climbers had little hope of hiking down the mountain alive.

While legal specifications were put in place with a guide company requiring a helicopter airlift in case of a political emergency, the hired agency does not have the insurance or the funds to provide for the airlift as placed in the contractual contingency plan. Adding to the complications, the climbers are at 12,500 feet which place them higher the most helicopters can safely fly.

Presently, the climbers are camped outside the Freeport Mine, owned by Freeport-McMoRan of Phoenix, Arizona. Trapped between the mining area and the warring tribes, the climbers started out in in dire consequences without food, water, and shelter.

Despite outreach to the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, the climbers were advised to find their own way out of a dangerous political situation. As of Friday, John Beede, climber, was able to reach his brother in the US via satellite phone to state their current condition as alive. However, after four days, the family's are fearing the team has reached serious danger and likely require critical intervention.

While the mining company had provided the team with rice and water for basic survival over the weekend, today good news reached the family from the mines representatives. Whereas the company had previously refused to intervene beyond limited rations to food and water, the representatives stating the company leaders had now agreed to provide the stranded climbers with immediate evacuation assistance.

Weather permitting the company leaders will allow the use of an employee shuttle tomorrow to rescue the men from the wilderness to provide them with medical access within the Freeport Medical Facility. Assisting the climbers with the necessary paperwork clearing them for travel, the team will be escorted to the nearest city, Timika. The families are hopeful that the weather conditions will allow the team to arrive safely to civilization tomorrow evening when the climbers will finally be able to call home.

The family took to social media as a form of outreach to gather support from US citizens, citizens from other countries, political, and more. This press release came as a direct result of social media whereas John Beede's Las Vegas friend Jon Carmicheal, photographer posted about Beede's plight. Seen by Andrea Adams-Miller of Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency put out this press release to foster continued support so that this mission will ensue to bring the team home.

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