US Congress Expected to Approve Bill Which Would Allow Mexican Truckers on US Highways in Exchange for Elimination of Mexican Trade Tariffs

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) March 22, 2011 -- United States President Obama along with Mexico President Calderon announced yesterday the two countries have finalized a resolution which ought to enable the establishment of a reciprocal, cross border transportation program constructed on the highest safety standards which will authorize both Mexican along with United States truckload carriers to engage in cross-border operations under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico has agreed to suspend 50% of its retaliatory trade tariffs instantly after the brand-new agreement is signed inside sixty days along with the other 50% of trade tariff pricing when the very first Mexican carrier is granted operating authority under the brand new program.

Several have praised the Mexican President as being wise to make certain the United States holds up its end of the agreement before authorizing removal of the trade tariffs. Negotiators from both the United States together with Mexico are working to prepare a draft agreement which the United States Department of Transportation will review together with Congress too as make obtainable for public comment. It is unlikely that we will be seeing the benefits of this brand-new compromise nearly any time soon. Even though the details of the pending agreemnt are still being negotiated, numerous components of the landmark treaty are presently known. Mexican truck truckers have agreed to operate with Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) which can ensure compliance with U.S. DOT hours of service policies and to make certain that the trucks only carry freight to and from Mexico, not U.S. domestic freight.

Under the agreement, Mexico could eventually lift tariffs it placed on dozens of U.S. goods in response to the banning of its trucks from U.S. roads. Presidents of both the United States and Mexico will negotiate numerous of the details of the pending trade agreement, which as soon as completely phased in should need approval from the U.S. Congress prior to taking effect. The American Trucking Association (ATA) is satisfied with the agreement both President Obama too as President Calderon have specified.

ATA President Bill Graves believes that once fully implemented, NAFTA's trucking provisions should evolve together with permit for a more successful, secure and secure trucking environment for cross-border operations between the U.S. as well as Mexico," Graves said.The Owner-Operator Independent Truckers Association, which has consistently opposed the plan, said in a statement it was "outraged" by the proposed agreement."For all the president's speak of helping little companies survive, his administration is sure performing their best to destroy little trucking businesses together with the truck drivers they employ," OOIDA said.

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