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New York City, NY (PressExposure) July 22, 2011 -- Breast biopsy is very important if there are any abnormalities detected by physical examination or any lumps felt in the breast, mammography or other imaging studies. But these imaging studies cannot confirm whether the cancerous cells are benign or malignant i.e. they spread in the body or not.

If there is any abnormality found, this surgical procedure is undertaken to remove the cells. It may be also done as an invasive procedure involving a hollow needle. The cells are taken from the suspicious area and microscopically examined to determine the diagnosis. If the lesion is very small, it may be removed in the process by image-guided needle biopsy. Docturs.com/dd talks in detail about the ultrasound image guided breast biopsy for a better awareness.

This image-guided biopsy is done when the abnormality in the breast is too small to be felt and cannot be located by palpation. The ultrasound-guided biopsy uses radiologist's instruments with ultrasound imaging on the abnormal growth site.

This ultrasound imaging procedure is commonly used when the breast ultrasound results show abnormal tissue change, suspicious solid mass or distorted breast tissue structure. This procedure may be used even when the mass or lump is felt. This procedure can be watched with the help of online medical videos for a better understanding.

This ultrasound guidance can be used in biopsy procedures like core needle (CN) which uses hollow needle to remove one sample of breast tissue per insertion or fine needle aspiration (FNA) which uses a very small needle for cells or fluid extraction from abnormal areas, or vacuum-assisted device (VAD) wherein vacuum powered instruments are used to collect multiple tissue samples during a needle insertion or a wire localization procedure where a guide wire is placed in the suspicious area to help locate lesion for surgical biopsy.

The ultrasound image guided, minimally invasive breast biopsy procedure should be undertaken by trained radiologists. It is done on outpatient basis and a local anesthetic is administered to numb the suspicious breast area. The transducer is pressed to the breast and the lesion is located by the radiologist or the sonographer. A small nick is made in the skin site and with the help of constant monitoring of ultrasound probe; any of the four types of needle or the wire in surgery is inserted to remove the tissue samples. A small marking may be done to locate the site in the future. After the biopsy is complete, there are no sutures needed and the skin opening is covered and pressure is applied to stop bleeding.

This is the procedure for ultrasound guided biopsy which is relatively beneficial. One should be aware about such treatments for a safe and healthy biopsy. Docturs.com/dd offers detailed information on every medical update for a better living.

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