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Hong Kong, China (PressExposure) June 12, 2009 -- The Internet has countless web sites offering piano lessons. There are literally thousands of instructional videos that teach you how to use the chord-method to play piano. You really need to take hours to sift through which are the good courses to buy. Sadly, some of these chord-method approach only takes a person to play like a beginner. They follow typically by-the-book static teaching approach.

Over the years, I have bought many of such courses. People have also said to me that while some of these courses seem good, but they are impractical for the average busy adult.

My friends have asked me for many years to teach them piano. I ponder about their request a lot, but due to a lack of time, I always refer them to other piano teachers and courses that are already on the internet. Why teach something that is already available on the net? Why waste time reinventing the wheel?

Then one day, I woke up with a great INSIGHT. While I do use the piano-chord approach, it suddenly dawned on me that my approach of teaching is totally different from many piano teachers.

I graduated as a professional teacher in UBC and have been designing creative lessons to help busy adults learn English, Creative Writing and the Bible. In these 30 years of producing new weekly lesson plans, I am able to FOCUS on what is needed to motivate students to learn creatively, and to have fun in their learning. Sadly, many teachers do not have the know-how nor teaching skill to make music theory fun for people. I want to tell you that it is not the chord theory that needs changing, rather it is a “new” approach that is needed to help busy adults to FOCUS on the right thing and to make the piano learning long lasting. It’s amazing how a complete change in the approach can make the whole learning process radical. This is what I offer to you.

In Summer 2008, I held a piano workshop in Hong Kong for only 6 weeks to teach busy adults how to have fun playing chords to 3 favorite songs: Happy Birthday, Amazing Grace & Silent Night. In 6 short weeks, total beginners played an arrangement on the piano that amazed their family members and friends at church. The success was phenomenal that in less than half a year, I have 3 piano instructional books with video demo to get these adults to continue to learn piano. Today, I hold weekly piano classes for them.

I do use a piano-chord-method style to teach piano. But my piano-chord-method is not the traditional style of teaching. Students have taken these traditional piano-chord-method courses that I refer them to, but they always come back to complain to me that these piano lessons are boring. I spent years pondering on why that is so. I now realize that a complete change of the teaching approach is needed to help busy adults to have quick results and also long term success at the piano. Working adults are busy, so they are only able to squeeze about 15 minutes daily to learn piano.

I have designed a new chord-method to motivate adults to start playing piano that is fun. This Rosa’s Color Chord Improvisation Method is accumulated from my 26 years of experiences as a church pianist. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to play piano elegantly in my weekly public performances. The method uses the principles of chords playing, but there is an element of ‘newness’ in the approach that I take in teaching my students. As soon as you click on one of the video-piano-lessons, you will discover for yourself what the SECRET is. For the discounted price, I am confident that you will come back to try another video-piano-lesson with me.

I choose nice sounding techniques to get adults motivated in their practice. My secret: Simple easy handshapes and techniques to get adults to coordinate both hands easily with beautiful sounding arrangements to play their songs.

Many piano playing is not interesting because there is no drive, no rhythmic variations. I put in easy rhythmic variations to basic techniques so that adults can play along with the videos for accelerated learning.

Download the free sheet music. It is easy to read isn’t it? That’s all you need to know to read music. And from this easy looking sheet music, you can learn chords to play rich professional sounding arrangement to these songs. You will see excerpts of how these songs can be played in the video at the bottom of this page. You, too, can transform such simple easy reading music sheet to elaborate beautiful sounding piano solos.

My present students are all busy working adults. Some are only able to take lessons from me every 2 weeks. They are only able to practice for 15 minutes in the evening. But every time they come to my home for their piano lessons, they find themselves improving by leaps and bounds. Why? Flexible handshapes, easy chords understanding, easy to apply techniques, motivated piano lessons, and most of all, nurturing a QUIET mind. Some days, my students tell me they find themselves at the piano for hours out of pure enjoyment because they are able to listen through a quiet mind. This is what I want you to experience too. And in 3 months time, my students are able to play all the major 12 scales from their minds, not from memory, but from understanding patterns. Please remember that these are total beginners who only bought a keyboard after they attended my piano workshop. I am amazed at their results. What usually takes more than a year to achieve can be shortened to 3 months when you have the right piano teacher.

How can I not be excited! People tell me that their dreams of playing piano beautifully is coming true after a month of taking my piano lessons. They talk about this in my piano classes and in my piano online forum. Some of these people are not beginners but have been playing piano for 30 years, yet they’ve been stuck for years. It’s wonderful for me to witness their breakthrough. I also have total beginner students telling me that they are so thrilled to be able to play piano in 2 short months. I am truly happy for them.

Conclusion: I am so thrilled for my students because of the quick progress they are achieving. At the time when I held my first adult piano workshop in 2008, I didn’t think too much of its success. But as I continue teaching these adults piano in 2009, and now teaching piano online with students all over the world, I believe the amazing result has to do with Rosa’s Color Chord Improvisation Method more than anything else. In learning piano, it is easier to have a live teacher coaching a student because the live interaction makes learning incredibly fun. For online students, this is a drawback because I don’t see you. I try to solve this problem for you by providing support through my Piano Online Forum.

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Rosa is a professional teacher who graduated from University of British Columbia in Education. She presently teaches English, Creative Writing, Bible and Piano. She has written 3 piano instructional piano manuals with DVD video demonstrations for serious students to learn piano. Her courses are suitable for total beginners to intermediate piano players. After going through her piano courses from half a year to a year's time, you will have nice professional sounding arrangement to your piano solos.

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