Unraveling The Ancient Egyptian Treasure Trove: A Novel Board Game By Seamedu Students

Pune, Maharashtra India (PressExposure) November 01, 2011 -- "The red land
where the dead live
and the living die.
Find its name
in the ancient language
and in the one you speak."

Doesn't that sound like a clue from some ancient treasure hunt game? Since times immemorial people have been fascinated by the mystical realm for the Egyptian pharaohs and their opulent lifestyles. And while all and sundry cannot partake of actual adventures in the sands of Nile, board games with curious rules and intriguing trails enchant gamers the world over.

There have been a multitude of board games created by the enterprising geniuses of the world. Say Osiris made in 1995 - a deduction game made of wood in which players secretly distribute support between priests and gods who move and conflict in a struggle to reach the top of the pyramid. Magnetic stickers on the pieces permit the priest and his god to connect in secret. Eventually the priest attached to the god hidden at the top of the pyramid is revealed and the player with the most supporters in the corresponding temple wins.

Or-Pharamis: Le Jeu des Pharaohs - Abstract strategy played out on an irregular grid having 149 squares. Each player has pharaoh, guards and soldier pieces and strives to remove opposing pharaohs. Or-Pharao - a pure abstract made in imitation of a Senet game found in an ancient pyramid. However, the game is completely different in play. Special dice are used to move both one's own and the opponent's pieces, the goal being to push all the opponent's pieces into the water square, to move one's own last piece into the happiness square or to make the opponent's move impossible. This beautiful game is an all-wood production.

Unraveling the 'Egyptian Myth', a newly designed board game is a curious experience. One has to traverse the land of mummies and pharaohs and cross the desert to win a gold treasure. The students and faculty of Seamless Education Academy, Senapati Bapat Road, have designed it to improve the popularity of indoor games.

Inspired by classic board games like chess and monopoly, The Egyptian Myth is a four-player strategy game which can be played for over a period of two hours. "It has evolved over a couple of months," says Harold Raichu, the director of animation, gaming and design at the institute. The team started working on the concept in March and the game, which was showcased at a recent workshop conducted by the institute, was ready by the end of June.

While designing the game, Raichu and his students paid minute attention to the graphics. "Extensive graphical designs make any game appear complicated. The Egyptian Myth is not about luck or a race. It's about strategy, so we wanted to keep the graphics simple," adds Raichu. The game takes you to the pyramid age where there are oases, tribal kings and the key to the treasure chest. A king has to attack others with his soldiers and the minister. "Each king has to safeguard his territory and retrieve the key to the secret treasure from an unknown oasis," adds Ajay Thomas, head of business development at the institute.

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