Untold stories behind Globalization, Free Trade and the Flat World of Thomas Friedman

Cleveland, Ohio (PressExposure) December 30, 2006 -- Ray Tapajna, Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks combines thought provoking art that talks mixed with topics and commentaries based on the real world from the streets of USA. His Clinton Years, American Dream Reversed artwork is now ranked in the top ten in terms of ratings and hits worldwide at http://www.graphicsforums.com/public/list.asp?id=1247 In searching on Google, there are now over a million site references under " Clinton Years, The American Dream Reversed". There are over 4 million at http://gigablast.com search engine which soon be a top engine because of some excellent options.

Explore the lost worlds in the Globalist Free Trade Flat World of Thomas Friedman at http://tapsearch.com/flatworld/ Ray calls the World is Flat a "corker". The dictionary describes a "corker" as a remarkable person, an argument that appears to be conclusive or a preposterous lie. The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman seems to include all three in one book. View all the counter point by Ray Tapajna demonstrating that Friedman reverses causes and effects to make his points while he ignores some very important parts of history. One of them is Lend Lease which demonstrated that you can not do business with people who do not have any money. In the end, you have to find ways to fund them to participate in balanced economic and geopolitical settings. The Ezine Articles Com article titled " Lend Lease Act was real Free Trade and not chopped livers as in the Globalist Flat World". can be viewed at http:ExineArticles.com/?id=390710 or just search on Ray Tapajna Expert Author. The USA gave the allies billions in products during the war and then later restarted the economies of England, Russia, Japan and others through the Marshall Plan. (Friedman ignores this too.)

Author and Education Consultant from Experience Designers, Brian Alger reviews Tapart News and Art that Talks at http://www.tapsearch.com/tapartnews at http://www.experiencedesignernetwork.com/archives/000636.html about the "unnetted" in our culture. Email contact for Tapart News or Ray Tapajna is tapin@safe-mail.net

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