Urban Living - The Downside

New York, New York (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- You have a decent apartment and a nice car; you have a mall nearby, a pub close to your home, a gym you can walk to, and all the other perks of urban living. So, what more can you ask for? Of course, there will always be a downside to living in the city. There will always be times when you would wish that you were somewhere else where there’s fresh air and not the smell of rotten garbage.

Even the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, has not been spared of the garbage problem that usually is a dilemma only among big cities like Metro Manila and Quezon City. Lately, Baguio City has been plagued by a serious garbage problem because the city’s dumpsite in Irisan was closed due to the protests of Irisan residents. Since then, the city never smelled of pine tress anymore. It smelled of rotten garbage because garbage was strewn everywhere about. It’s a nightmare for Baguio residents and tourists alike. No more of that urban setting but rural feeling that the city gives. Now that the rains started pouring, the garbage started clogging the sewers and the famous session road now looks like a river of the city’s waste when it rains. Maybe it’s around time that the city invests on high pressure water jetters for this rainy season. The city might not have felt the need for this kind of technology but now that the problem is waving under its very nose, the need is now undeniable.

high pressure water jetters will help clear the waterways that are clogged with the city’s dump by using high pressure pumps. It will blast away all those clutter so the water can freely flow down the drains. With the rate that the city mayor and councilors are going with solving the city’s garbage problem, the sewers will be so clogged before they can think of a viable solution. In short, the city will have to rely on technology such as the high pressure water jetters to avoid drowning on a river of dirty water from the sewers. If the garbage problem persists, the city will not only be dealing with A(H1N1) cases but also water-borne diseases. Not to mention, the diseases that can be acquired by breathing in the air that stinks of the city’s garbage. So far, the city has spent millions having Tarlac haul their garbage to their dumpsites. More millions were spent on buying second-hand garbage trucks. Can the city really afford to spend more on medicines that it will surely need once there an outbreak of diseases come about?

A city is a nice place to live in if it has a good urban planning. However, a city is probably not the best place on earth when technology starts wreaking havoc. Technology produced plastic wraps, tin cans, bottles, Styrofoam, and other things that we usually consider garbage after using it for a few times. These are the same garbage that gives us hell almost every time. It wouldn’t hurt to rely on technology to solve the at least some, if not all, of the problems it caused now, would it?

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