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Telford, PA (PressExposure) May 16, 2009 -- Everybody uses color postcards these days. For personal gifts, promotions, giveaways and public relations gimmicks, posters have many uses that a lot of people exploit.

Unfortunately, however, color postcard printing these days are suffering from a severe lack of innovation. Over and over again, most color postcards use different variations of the same old design formula.

That is why most postcard designers are now searching for new and exciting ways to create postcards, and we are happy to report that we have discovered some very interesting ideas out there. We have scoured the Internet for unique design ideas for color postcards and have listed them down below. Hopefully these interesting and unusual color postcard printing methods should inspire you to create your own unique design.

Embossed One of the first things that we immediately saw that was slowly getting momentum was embossed postcards. Many printed materials these days are being embossed. From invitation cards, business cards, greeting cards and other type of prints, embossing has become a simple yet very effective way to add an additional textured element to a print medium. Therefore, it is only natural for some people to apply them to color postcard printing.

Some people emboss the big letters of the postcard, while others emboss the little design elements, like borders and curves so that they get a shadowed effect. Embossing basically makes a nice two-dimensional postcard in a three-dimensional wonder. It is very easy to design more, and very easily done by most postcard printing services out there. Therefore, this is basically the easiest thing to do to add your color postcard design.

Kaleidoscope Next, one of the most unusual things that we have found that has been used for postcards is the kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope is a small-mirrored wheel with attached colors and accents. When viewed and then turned in different directions the viewing area of the scope shows different color combinations and geometric shapes. It gives a color postcard a magical nature, making it more like a toy and entertainment tool other than just a simple message card.

Hold to light postcards Another thing related to the item above are those “hold to light” postcards. These postcards are the ones with small holes and openings for light. As you pass a light source behind the color postcard design, some of the design elements light up giving more life to the design. Typically, people place nighttime scenes in this kind of postcard idea to simulate the stars using the lights. It is a simple yet very interesting idea for your postcards.

Vignette The Vignette is a design strategy where the design of the postcard does not fully cover the whole side of a postcard. Some space is reserved in the front of the postcard so that people can add in their own messages within the cover side. While very simple in concept, this idea of customization is really a good idea when integrated in postcards. You can add in your own message to the cover of the postcard, or you can even draw a sketch yourself to make the postcard more funny or beautiful.

Bas-relief postcards Lastly, we have the bas-relief postcards. These postcards have a particular design characteristic where most of its surface has raised areas. This makes the postcard appear to have a matted or textured appearance, much like the look of paper-mache. These postcards add in that textured elements which can be quite eye-catching for most people.

Now, these are just five of the numerous interesting and unusual designs for color postcard printing out there. As long as people have imagination, you can bet that there will be a lot of interesting color postcard designs for years to come. Hopefully the items above have inspired you to think of something just like that.

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