Using An Article Submission Service Is A Great White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool

Houston, TX (PressExposure) January 10, 2012 -- At the current rate of more than 30,000 new websites getting listed on a daily basis it is virtually impossible to keep up to date. This is made even more impossible as there are so many other demands on ones online attention.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter enable one to follow a constant and ongoing stream of information from a developing story. One person has but to Tweet something controversial and before they know it the story goes viral with it being picked up and spread like a mushroom. It is the same with a YouTube video. Who knows what is going to be the fashion or grab attention but it might be a young girl singing flat or a movie of a kitten playing with a ball of string. Whatever it is something catches someone's fancy, they pass it on to their friends who in turn and before we know it that short clip received 300,000 hits

If only one could tap into that energy to get traffic clicking onto one's website!

Well actually one can; maybe not to the same level as a Tweet or a instantly fashionable YouTube video but certainly it is possible to draw traffic to one's site if one uses the SEO tools properly.

Search engines do not publish their algorithms nor do they let the mass of people gamely trying to get their websites indexed with a decent page ranking exactly how to go about it. It is in their interest that the websites use the ad words/pay per click services as they collect a constant stream of revenue as soon as anyone clicks on one of the sponsored sites on the answers page.

But unless and until one is absolutely certain about one's website's ability to close sales, and certain of the keywords that will attract buying public to one's URL, going that route is a potential economic nightmare. If one doesn't make 10 to 15% deals per click through or one misses the best keywords and do not get the page ranking one rapidly can find oneself paying for unproductive traffic.

The next best is a good SEO campaign.

While it was said that the Search engines do not publish their desires we know from lots of experience exactly what they like. And all search engines love the following:

• Activity on the site
• Links
• Fresh Content
• Links
• Articles
• Links
• Relevance
• Links

Yes there are a number of ways to get noticed by a search engine and if they find your site has a lot of traffic they will be inclined to rate its relevance higher that a static site. If a Site constantly has fresh content and fresh articles being written then the page ranking too is elevated. The links come from relevant articles. They downgrade or ignore non relevant links from "Link farms".

So a good SEO tactic is to use an article marketing service which will see that articles are written and published in a number of places thus increasing the link count and these will in turn attract traffic to the site which improves the page rank.


Quality article marketing service offered at Use relevant article submission content which is keyword rich yet informative enough to make more target audience visit the site and become potential buyers.

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