Using Custom Brochures to Display and Explain a Product

Telford, PA (PressExposure) June 10, 2009 -- You presentation of your product through brochure printing outputs counts as much in the brochure's success as its quality. Custom brochures cannot live on eye-catching quality alone. It needs a well thought of content strategy.

This will effectively communicates the best features of your product or service. That is why it is important to know a few things about the proper ways to effectively display and explain your products for brochure printing.

Pictures, Pictures and pictures

You should focus on the quality of the pictures you put in presenting your product through brochures. People always look at the picture of the product to see if they really want to buy it. They look for the style, they look for the angles, and above all, they look at it and imagine if they own it. With this said, you must always maximize the reader's experience by adding in as much pictures with different angles as you can. Let them judge mostly through the pictures, this is how many people shop anyway. If your product looks good enough in those images, you will not have any problems promoting it using custom brochures.

Ordered and unordered lists

In addition, lists are a very good idea for most product descriptions in a brochure. You really do not need several big block paragraphs describing your product in essay form. Most people want quick and fast information especially when reading brochures. So make a list of the best features of your product, or a list of the advantages of your product over the competition.

Crunch up and condense all the information in a few short phrases in the list. This way, people would be able see the information they want immediately, without having to read and get bored with a whole block of text. Try to use ordered text (ordinal) if you want to illustrate processes, orders and magnitude while use bulleted unordered lists if you have groups of concepts of equal value. All this should make for a better experience in judging a product through a color brochure.


Another good way to make an effective product brochure is to emphasize key points. In terms of pictures, your best and usually your most expensive product should always have the largest picture. In text on the other hand, try making the best descriptions, facts, keywords and concepts appear in bold so that people's eyes lock to them immediately. Try to give attention to these aspects so people read what you want them to read immediately.

Clear layman language

Now, also in terms of writing, do not forget to use a clear and simple layman's style of writing. You do not want to confuse people with difficult industry only words that will never be of use to them. Make it clear by using simple layman's terms. Some people even find that using analogies are a great way to explain to people what the product does in a simpler language. This should make your brochures and the products more inclusive and simple, getting everyone to understand why they should buy it.

Define terms

That being said however, if you do need to use big terms, you might as well define them as well. Explain this again in laymen's terms and even try to add in the word's etymology for better impact. Try to place this section as early as possible so that the people reading the brochure will have a better understanding of the brochure and the important terms and definitions early on.

Now, just follow all these tips and you will see how people would positively respond to your custom brochures. By making it easier for people to judge your product through your brochures, you can eliminate second thoughts and get a product sold quicker and more effectively because of it.

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