Using a Calorie Counter Is Paramount to Losing Weight

Centennial, CO (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- The Calpal calorie counter was designed for convenience, ease of use, and the ability to carry on their person through-out the day. The Calpal calorie counter is a personal reminder to the user the importance of calculating all the calories consumed and burned each and every day. Simple science dictates that if you consume more calories than you burn each day, you will gain weight. The opposite is true as well; if you burn more calories than you consume each day, you will lose weight.

“I didn’t have a Calpal calorie counter and I was on a see-food diet; if I saw food, I ate it, and of course I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. Once I realized the importance of counting my calories, I purchased the Calpal calorie counter and started each and every day monitoring the number of calories I consumed. I was shocked at the number of calories I was swallowing every day.” Cheryl stated.

The Calpal calorie counter comes with the “Pocket Calorie Guide” breaking down the most popular foods and the calories they contain. This allows the user to accurately input the number of calories each of their food items contain and then make educated decisions if that is really the food they should be eating.

Cheryl goes on to say, “Certain foods become very addictive and you start craving those items every day. They say it takes 40 days to start a habit, but with foods, it can literally take one time. When I started logging my calories in the Calpal calorie counter I was amazed at the number of calories some of those cravings contained. Now I have a new addiction; looking at my Calpal calorie counter at the end of every day and making sure I didn’t go over my allotted daily calorie count. It’s nice to end the day with a success.”

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