Using a Fuel Additive Such as Enviromax Plus is a Great Way to Help the Environment

, Michigan (PressExposure) July 02, 2008 -- As early as 1973 the Federal government was concerned about the levels of toxins in car exhaust emissions. Over two decades ago, state, local and federal governments began to work together to regulate the types of fuel that could be burned in vehicles' engines and also started testing emissions on conventional road based vehicles such as cars and trucks. Furthermore, legislation was enacted in the following decade to limit how gasoline was produced and burned for fuel and some types of cars simply could not cope with the changes and disappeared from the road. All of these changes were very environmentally responsible and, indeed, necessary in order to protect the environment. However, many of these changes also hurt poorer and less fortunate car owners who could not afford to make the necessary changes to their vehicles and therefore simply hoped to drive "under the radar" or were compelled to spend money that they did not really have available to replace an older car or other transport vehicle.

With the advent of skyrocketing gas prices, all the environmental issues that instigated these social changes and difficulties are now further emphasized. Now, instead of just not being able to afford a new, improved car, many underprivileged families can neither afford to drive their old cars nor make the necessary changes to improve their gas mileage and emissions rankings. Fortunately, a fuel additive (or catalyst), may present an easy, economical and even profitable answer.

EnviroMax Plus is a fuel additive that can increase a car or truck's gas mileage by nearly 35 percent. Even better, it can be used in any fuel burning engine, which makes it a viable option for all motor vehicles, all terrain vehicles, boats, RVs and even lawn and garden equipment. The potential savings are astronomical and could quite feasibly be sufficient to make a significant lifestyle change over time. The best news of all, though, is that EnviroMax Plus believes deeply in social and environmental responsibility. As a result, it also decreases exhaust emissions by nearly 80 percent in some vehicles which is enough of a decrease to legally keep almost any car on the road. Furthermore, people who use EnviroMax Plus also have the option of promoting it as sales affiliates for the company. Each time they let someone new in on the great potential savings and profits involved in using EnviroMax Plus, they also will benefit financially, which can provide hope and opportunity for people who may have been about to give up.

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