VSQ,LLC Owner of Bullet Proof Shop Introduces Amazing Tire Sealant - Ultraseal

Hendersonville, NC (PressExposure) November 19, 2011 -- Bullet Proof Shop owner Scott Van Der Veer was approached with this product as an alternative to the expensive run flat systems used for their armored vehicle tires. "This sealant will add more protection when used in conjunction with the current run flat systems. Ultraseal acts immediately to seal punctures when they occur. This will aid in allowing you to get to safety in the event of a vehicle attack, or in the event of a side wall blowout that may occur during normal driving," says Scott Van Der Veer, owner of Bullet Proof Shop.com.

Scott also said "One of the amazing things that this sealant will protect you from is nails or sharp objects that you might run over. We have video of a vehicle running over 25-30 nails in a row and the tires did not lose a pound of air. They permanently seal the holes forever. This product is really amazing. I can't think of any tire that would not benefit from Ultraseal."

Bullet Proof Shop informs that the reason they chose this product is because of the way tire prices have increased the last 3 years in a row. "It is very expensive to produce tires which is all tied into oil prices says Scott. If you can make your tires last 25% longer, that is really substantial."

Ultraseal International was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1969. The original Ultraseal formula was specifically designed to seal tire punctures for the rapidly growing 4x4, dune buggy and off-road recreational vehicle market. The product received overwhelming positive response along with requests to produce additional formulas to meet the needs of conventional automobiles, trucks and equipment.

In 1970, Ultraseal was contacted by NASA and asked to supply product for use in the Apollo Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV) program. Several prototype LRVs equipped with pneumatic tires were being tested in the desert to simulate how vehicle systems would react to what scientists expected to find on the moon. The rapid pace of R&D allowed no time for the needless delays being caused by tire punctures. Reports confirmed that once Ultraseal was installed tire punctures were no longer an issue.

When you start thinking about it, tires are something we all count on everyday of our lives. We all seem to forget about checking the air pressure in our tires now and then, and because of that we do not get the mileage we would like out of our cars and our tires. With the absence of gas stations where you could just pull up and get air in your tires just about anywhere have slowly disappeared. Now you have to pay .75 cents or bring your car to a tire store or the dealer. It's easy to see why the air pressure in most peoples tires is under what it should be, which cost us all more money in the long run.

VSQ, LLC President Scott Van Der Veer says, "They are continually searching the globe to locate, and add the newest and most innovative personal protective products to their website." Additionally, "Remaining on the cutting edge in this industry is key to providing customers great products that offer peace of mind."

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