Vacuum Technology Hitting the Headlines Anew Courtesy of New British Invention

Manchester, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 09, 2011 -- We shall begin with a disclaimer. The idea of this article was principally to inform you of our new website on vacuum packaging.

But we found it just impossible to not tell you of these allied developments. It is actually vacuum 'packaging' technology but not as we've known it.

Later on we tell you about run-of-the-mill vacuum packaging but firstly this:

Loughborouh University design student Jake Tyler has turned conventional vacuuming technology through a hundred and eighty degrees by developing a vacuum cleaner made largely of cardboard. It's 'eco' credentials are spot on and is made from the recycled packaging from another vacuum cleaner.

It has to be stated that although the machine isn't entirely made of cardboard, it for the most part is. What's brilliant as far as cost is concerned is that the cardboard paneling can be replaced at 1/10th the cost of the usual materials employed.

This 'cardboard vacuum cleaner' does - to be fair - include plastic parts but frankly, to a smaller extent than one might ordinarily expect.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer James Dyson is himself a former industrial design student who turned his creativity loose on what he saw as certain failings in vacuum cleaner design. But whereas he struggled to find a British manufacturer to take him seriously and had initially to journey to Japan to find acceptance, Jake Tyler has a British manufacturer who have committed to his new design. In actual fact it's on show at the designers exhibition in London at the Business Design Center as this is written.

But as mentioned earlier, this is meant to be about our website (url below) which speaks of a closely related technology.

Vacuum packaging machines and vacuum cleaners both use vacuum pumps. In our case we remove air in order to preserve food for the most part. But the main feature of this is in any event 'the vacuum''.

Although conventional vacuum packaging does not grab one's attention so arrestingly as does a 'cardboard vacuum cleaner', these older technologies (vacuum technology) are we must admit met in many modern living aids - as can be appreciated by a study of our website.

And even though one might know what a vacuum packager does, one might be all at sea in deciding which is the exact machine that fits one's requirements.

Trial and error methods can be costly in time and money. There's no need for that.

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